Better Than Chocolate

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Anne Wheeler
Writer:Peggy Thompson
Trimark Pictures; NR; 103 minutes
Cast:Wendy Crewson, Christina Cox, Karen Dwyer

Better Than Chocolate is sex, and you'll find plenty of its permutations in this Canadian lesbian comedy. Bookstore clerk/erotic dancer Maggie (Dwyer) falls in love with Kim (Christina Cox) the moment the itinerant painter sets foot in the aisles of homosexual erotica. They hit it off, get it on, and precisely at that moment Maggie's mother and brother arrive for an extended visit. Lila has just divorced her husband, and she is the only character who winds up without a partner in this Nutrasweet romp through familiar sexual and comedic territory.

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