Bad Moon

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer:Eric Red
Director of Photography:Jan Kiesser
Editor:C. Timothy O'Meara
Music:Daniel Licht
Production Designers:Richard Paris and Linda Del Rosario
Producer:James G. Robinson
Warner Bros.; R; 105 minutes
Cast:Michael Paré, Mariel Hemingway and Mason Gamble
Based on the novel Thor by Wayne Smith

Bad Movie would have been a more apt title. When locals begin turning up slashed to pieces, the authorities suspect Thor, a normally gentle German shepherd. Janet (Hemingway), the dog's owner, also blames the family pet, though reluctantly. But Janet, with the help of Thor, eventually figures out the beast is her photojournalist brother (Paré), who, when on assignment in the Amazon, was bitten by a wolf and has turned into a werewolf.

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