Collateral Damage

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Andrew Davis
Writers:Andrew Davis and Peter Griffiths
Warner Bros.; R; 110 minutes
Cast:Arnold Schwarzenegger

Collateral Damage isn't any less responsible than any other Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick, but post-September 11th, it'll either leave potential viewers uneasy or lining up to enter. The format is basic Arnold: a lone righteous man takes the law into his own meaty hands and fights like an army. In this case, the man is Gordy Brewer, an L.A. firefighter who witnesses his wife and son killed in a terrorist bombing. Fed up by U.S. governmental ineptitude, Gordy heads to Colombia to single-handedly attack the drug cartel and terrorist ringleader behind it all. (Imagine if everybody acted that way?)

While the 55-year-old action hero manages to slip in a few emotional moments, Collateral Damage is straight-up revenge fantasy, played out in the seamy Colombian jungle with hard-hitting Schwarzeneggerian efficiency.

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