Holidays in the United Kingdom

From the Queen's Birthday to Guy Fawkes Day

Saint David's Day: 1 March 2008
Each year Saint David's day is celebrated in Wales and by Welsh families around the world
St. David's Day Quiz
Saint David is the Patron Saint of what country?
British Summer Time
In 1908, the United Kingdom became the first country to adopt Daylight Saving Time
Queen's Birthday: 14 June 2008
The Queen's public birthday usually falls on the second Saturday in June
Queen Elizabeth II Quiz
What foreign language does the Queen speak fluently?
Guy Fawkes Day: 5 November 2008
The anniversary of the famous Gunpowder Plot
Guy Fawkes Day Quiz
Guy Fawkes Night celebrates the foiling of the gunpowder plot of 5 November 1605 when Roman Catholic conspirators tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. What is the name of one of the conspirators?
Remembrance Day Quiz: 11 November 2008
Remembrance Sunday is observed on the second Sunday of what month?
Saint Andrew's Day: 1 December 2008
St. Andrew's Day was given royal assent in January 2007
St. Andrew's Day Quiz
Saint Andrew was crucified in what country?
Boxing Day: 26 December 2008
Traditional English holiday extends Christmas giving
Boxing Day Quiz
What major holiday does Boxing Day follow?
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