Crime by Region 2006–2007

Violent and sexual crime recorded numbers and rates

Police force area and regionViolence against the personViolence against the person per 10,000 populationSexual offencesSexual offences per 10,000 populationRobberyRobbery per 10,000 population
North East Region48,1941882,483101,8647
North West Region135,2921986,8871012,27318
Yorkshire and the Humber Region105,1782085,623116,22012
East Midlands Region78,7781834,916115,78513
West Midlands Region105,9191975,8721111,01121
East of England Region81,0451464,80795,1279
London Region183,3212449,3291245,81261
South East Region151,6911868,989116,3888
South West Region87,2201725,216103,5837
England Total976,63819454,1221198,06319
England and Wales1,046,43719357,54211101,37019
Source: UK Statistics Authority, Web:
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