Anne Burras Biography

Anne Burras

early colonist
Born: ?
Birthplace: England

Burras worked as a maid for Mistress Forrest in their native England. It is believed that the two women were among the earliest colonists to arrive at Jamestown, Va. Forrest, who has been identified only as “wife of Thomas Forrest,” and Burras were likely the first women to come to the New World in Oct. 1608, literally first ladies of the United States. They were part of the “Second Supply,” the second group of settlers commissioned by King James I to establish a permanent settlement in the New World.

Burras married colonist John Laydon. Their wedding in Dec. 1608 is assumed to be the first Christian wedding in the colonies. They moved to a Elizabeth City, another settlement, which is now known as Newport News, Va.

Died: ?