King Birendra Biography

King Birendra

(Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva)
King of Nepal
Born: 12/28/1945
Birthplace: Katmandu, Nepal

King of Nepal who was shot to death by his son, Crown Prince Dipendra, in a massacre that nearly wiped out the entire royal family. His wife, Queen Aiswarya; their daughter, Princess Shruti; and another son, Prince Nirajan, were also killed. Dipendra died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Birendra, believed to be the reincarnation of Vishnu, acceded to the throne in 1972. In 1990, a pro-democracy movement led to the first free election in three decades and a new role for Birendra as constitutional monarch.

Died: Katmandu, Nepal, 6/1/2001