Earl (The Goat) Manigault 1998 Deaths

Earl (The Goat) Manigault

Age: 53

New York City playground legend who battled the likes of Lew Alcindor and Connie Hawkins in the 1960s; his heroin addiction cost him a professional basketball career; was featured in a 1996 HBO movie; his domination of players at the 98th Street courts was so well known that it became nicknamed “Goat Park”; played college ball at Johnson C. Smith University but fought with the coach about playing time and returned to the Harlem courts; was jailed in 1969-70 for drug possession and again in 1977-79 for a failed robbery; he later kicked his drug habit and had been working at a neighborhood recreation and counseling center; of heart failure

Died: New York City, May 15, 1998

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