Ian Fleming Biography

Ian Fleming

British author, journalist
Born: 5/28/1908
Birthplace: London, England

Author best known for his popular series of James Bond spy novels. Fleming worked as a journalist in Moscow (1929) and served in the British Naval Intelligence during World War II, before becoming a novelist. Casino Royale (1953) was the first of numerous thrillers revolving around Agent 007. His most popular Bond books included Live and Let Die (1954), From Russia, With Love (1957), Goldfinger (1959) and For Your Eyes Only (1960), all of which were optioned by Saltzman-Broccoli Eon Productions and made into hit movies. As a world traveler and gambler with a fondness for fast cars, Fleming's own life was often tied to the fictional adventures of James Bond.

Died: 8/12/1964

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