2001-02 NBA IBM Award

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Created prior to the 1983-84 season to honor the player who contributes most to his team's overall success and utilizes a computer evaluation of key offensive and defensive statistics to determine an overall leader. The formula is as follows: (Player points-FGA+REB+AST+STL+BLK-PF-TO+(team wins x 10) x 250)/(team points-FGA+REB+AST+STL+BLK-PF-TO).

  Pos Pts
Tim Duncan, San Antonio C 112.82
Ben Wallace, Detroit C 103.75
Kevin Garnett, Minnesota F 101.51
Elton Brand, LA Clippers C 94.67
Shaquille O'Neal, LA Lakers C 90.89
Jason Kidd, New Jersey G 90.10
Paul Pierce, Boston G 89.32
Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas F 88.85
Tracy McGrady, Orlando F 87.29
Gary Payton, Seattle G 83.35


All-Rookie Team Annual Awards Sixth-Man Award


Annual Awards: 2001-2002 NBA Season, Pro Basketball
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