1983 Tony Awards

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PlayTorch Song Trilogy
Reproduction—Play or MusicalOn Your Toes
Actor—PlayHarvey Fierstein, Torch Song Trilogy
Actress—PlayJessica Tandy, Foxfire
Featured Actor—PlayMatthew Broderick, Brighton Beach Memoirs
Featured Actress—PlayJudith Ivey, Steaming
Actor—MusicalTommy Tune, My One and Only
Actress—MusicalNatalia Makarova, On Your Toes
Featured Actor—MusicalCharles “Honi” Coles, My One and Only
Featured Actress—MusicalBetty Buckley, Cats
Director—PlayGene Saks, Brighton Beach Memoirs
Director—MusicalTrevor Nunn, Cats
Book—MusicalCats, T. S. Eliot
ScoreCats, Andrew Lloyd Webber, music; T. S. Eliot, lyrics
Scenic DesignerMing Cho Lee, K2
Costume DesignerJohn Napier, Cats
ChoreographersTommy Tune and Thommie Walsh, My One and Only
Lighting DesignerDavid Hersey, Cats
Special AwardsThe Theatre Collection, Museum of the City of New York Shakespearean Festival Association

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