2005 ICIJ Awards

Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff

The ICIJ Awards were created in 1997 to honor transnational investigative reporting. The awards of $20,000 for first prize and $1,000 for finalists are made possible by The John and Florence Newman Foundation to recognize, reward, and foster international investigative reporting.

Outstanding Investigative Reporting PrizeABC News 20/20, “Peace at What Price: Investigating UN Misconduct in the Congo.” Brian Ross, David Wilson Scott, and Rhonda Schwarts documented systematic sexual exploitation of girls and boys by UN peacekeepers and civilians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
FinalistsMiroluba Emilova Benatova of Bulgaria's bTV for her television investigation Kidney Traffic.
Alfredo Corchado, Tracey Eaton, Laurence Iliff,, and David McLemore of the Dallas Morning News, for their series documenting drug related violence along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Ola Flyum, David Hebditch of NRK/SVT/and DR Television in Norway for their documentary The Manuscript Collector/Stealing History.
Daniel Foggo and Charlotte Edwardes of The Sunday Telegraph in the U.K. for their series of stories on illegal abortions.
Special CitationTV4 Sweden for the hour-long documentary The Broken Promise, which exposed U.S. government involvement in the “extraordinary rendition” of two Egyptian citizens from Sweden to Egypt.

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