1977 National Book Awards

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Biography and AutobiographyNorman Thomas: The Last Idealist, W. A. Swanberg
Children's LiteratureThe Master Puppeteer, Katherine Paterson
Contemporary ThoughtThe Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales, Bruno Bettelheim
FictionThe Spectator Bird, Wallace Stegner

Alex Haley
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World of Our Fathers, Irving Howe
Judges' Statement: Because Alex Haley's Roots does not accommodate itself to the category of History but transcends that and other categories, members of the History panel were unable to name it as one of the nominees in History. They are at one, however, that its distinguished literary quality justifies according it a special citation of merit.
PoetryCollected Poems, 1930–1976, Richard Eberhart
TranslationMaster Tung's Western Chamber Romance, Li-Li Ch'en

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