Ridding a House of Lady Bugs

Updated July 24, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Question:

How do I get rid of lady bugs from inside my house?

The Answer:

Researchers say that ladybird beetles or "lady bugs" tend to spend the winter in clusters, protecting themselves from the elements of winter. With lengthening daylight, a warm interior often draws them inside, which can be frustrating to humans.

Experts suggest finding the cracks and crevices the lady bugs came in through and sealing the cracks and crevices as best you can, concentrating on the south and west sides of your house first. Each day, vacuum (a wet-dry vacuum works best) and dispose the beetles well away from the building, as these insects are strong fliers and will readily return.

Insecticides are not recommended as lady beetle carcasses will remain in wall voids where other insects, such as carpet beetles, will eat them. Upon depletion of this food source, the carpet beetles move readily into the home and feed on carpets, clothes, linens, stored food products, and many other items. Carpet beetles are extremely difficult to eliminate from a building. Good luck.

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