Oldest U.S. Universities and Colleges

Updated July 24, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Question:

What are the oldest colleges and universities in the United States?

The Answer:

These are the oldest U.S. universities and colleges. The date listed is the year each institution became a bachelor's degree-granting institution.

Harvard Univ. Cambridge, Mass. 1636
Coll. of William & Mary Williamsburg, Va. 1693
Yale Univ. New Haven, Conn. 1701
Princeton Univ. Princeton, N.J. 1746
Columbia Univ. New York City 1754
Univ. of Penn. Philadelphia, Penn. 1757
Brown Univ. Providence, R.I. 1764
Rutgers New Brunswick, N.J. 1766
Dartmouth Coll. Hanover, N.H. 1769

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