Calorie Count in Alcohol

Updated February 12, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Question:

I like to drink, yet I need to watch my caloric intake. When it comes to beer, wine, or liquor, which has the least amount of alcohol relating to its alcohol content?

The Answer:

We came up with some approximations of how many calories you may typically find in different kinds of drinks, but you should be aware that there are always many factors to take into consideration, including alcoholic content, the size of your drink, the number of drinks you consume, what kind of drink you have, whether there is a mixer, etc. For a more detailed list check out the site where we got our information:

A regular 12-oz. beer contains approximately 145 calories. A 12-oz. cider has 150 calories. A 4 oz. glass of wine can range from an 80-calorie marsala to an 185-calorie ruby port, with most wines ranging in between 85 and 100 calories. Liquor will depend on the proof but you can estimate about 120 calories per shot.

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