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The World's 14 Highest Mountain Peaks (above 8,000 meters)

All 14 of the world's 8,000-meter peaks are located in the Himalaya or the Karakoram ranges in Asia. According to Everestnews.com, only 17 climbers have reached the summits of all 14: Reinhold Messner (Italy) was first, followed by Jerzy Kukuczka (Poland), Ehardt Loretan (Switzerland), Carlos Carsolio (Mexico), Krzysztof Wielicki (Poland), Juan Oiarzabal (Spain), Sergio Martini (Italy), Park Young Seok (Korea), Hang-Gil Um (Korea), Alberto Inurrategui (Spain), Han Wang Yong (Korea), Ed Viesturs (U.S.), Alan Hinkes (British), and Silvio Mondinelli (Italy), Ivan Vallejo (Ecuador), Denis Urubko (Kazakhstan), Andrew Lock (Australia).
Mountain Location Height First to summit (nationality) Date
Meters Feet
 1. Everest1 Nepal/Tibet 8,850 29,035 Edmund Hillary (New Zealander, UK), Tenzing Norgay (Nepalese) May 29, 1953
 2. K2 (Godwin Austen) Pakistan/China 8,611 28,250 A. Compagnoni, L. Lacedelli (Italian) July 31, 1954
 3. Kangchenjunga Nepal/India 8,586 28,169 G. Band, J. Brown, N. Hardie, S. Streather (UK) May 25, 1955
 4. Lhotse Nepal/Tibet 8,516 27,940 F. Luchsinger, E. Reiss (Swiss) May 18, 1956
 5. Makalu Nepal/Tibet 8,463 27,766 J. Couzy, L. Terray, J. Franco, G. Magnone-Gialtsen, J. Bouier, S. Coupé, P. Leroux, A. Vialatte (French) May 15, 1955
 6. Cho Oyu Nepal/Tibet 8,201 26,906 H. Tichy, S. Jöchler (Austrian), Pasang Dawa Lama (Nepalese) Oct. 19, 1954
 7. Dhaulagiri Nepal 8,167 26,795 A. Schelbert, E. Forrer, K. Diemberger, P. Diener (Swiss), Nyima Dorji, Nawang Dorji (Nepalese) May 13, 1960
 8. Manaslu Nepal 8,163 26,781 T. Imamishi, K. Kato, M. Higeta, (Japanese) G. Norbu (Nepalese) May 9, 1956
 9. Nanga Parbat Pakistan 8,125 26,660 Hermann Buhl (Austrian) July 3, 1953
10. Annapurna Nepal 8,091 26,545 M. Herzog, L. Lachenal (French) June 3, 1950
11. Gasherbrum I Pakistan/China 8,068 26,470 P. K. Schoeing, A. J. Kauffman July 4, 1958
12. Broad Peak Pakistan/China 8,047 26,400 M. Schmuck, F. Wintersteller, K. Diemberger, H. Buhl (Austrian) June 9, 1957
13. Gasherbrum II Pakistan/China 8,035 26,360 F. Moravec, S. Larch, H. Willenpart (Austrian) July 7, 1956
14. Shisha Pangma Tibet 8,013 26,289 Hsu Ching and team of 9 (Chinese) May 2, 1964
1. The 1955 elevation of Everest, 29,028 ft. (8,848 m), was revised on Nov. 11, 1999, and now stands at 29,035 ft. (8,850 m).

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