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Color: Psychology, Symbolism, and Interesting Facts
Color: Psychology, Symbolism, and Interesting Facts

Learn how colors affect your mood, what your car color says about you, and more.

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Profile of Nepal
A magnitude-7.8 earthquake has struck central Nepal, killing nearly 4,000 people. Read about this tragedy, as well as the history of Nepal and find facts and stats about the country.
Murders in Select U.S. Cities
Compare the number of murders per year in major U.S. cities between 2005, 2009, and 2013.
100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Turkey and other countries still refuse to acknowledge a genocide occurred in Armenia in 1915. Read about what is widely considered the first genocide of the 20th century.
National Poetry Month
April is National Poetry Month. Find biographies of famous poets, poetry collections, a Shakespeare primer, and more.

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  • Pick choice 1 The Executive Branch
  • Pick choice 2 The Judicial Branch
  • Pick choice 3 The Legislative Branch
  • Pick choice 4 The "Fourth Branch"—the Media
  • Pick choice 5 None of the Above

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