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The Taliban Timeline
Afghanistan's intelligence agency announced that the founder and leader of the Taliban died in 2013 in Pakistan. Take a look at other key events in the history of this insurgent group.
Sports Scandals
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has upheld Tom Brady's four-game suspension over "Deflategate." Read about other famous sports scandals.
Highest-Grossing Concert Tours
Bands that debuted decades ago dominate the list, with U2's 360° Tour in the No. 1 spot. See which other classic rockers round out the top ten.
Gasoline Prices Around the World
Do you think you pay too much at the pump? See how gas prices in the United States compare to other countries.

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When I go to the beach I am most afraid of...

  • Pick choice 1 being stung by a jellyfish.
  • Pick choice 2 being attacked by a shark.
  • Pick choice 3 getting sunburned.
  • Pick choice 4 being pulled underwater by an undertow.

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