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Memorial Day
Memorial Day

Americans pay tribute to fallen soldiers on May 25, 2015. Read about the history of the holiday and find information about America's wars.

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Have Your Say

How do you feel about the penalties imposed on the New England Patriots over the Deflategate scandal?

  • Pick choice 1 The punishment fits the crime. The Patriots cannot continue to cheat their way to victory.
  • Pick choice 2 The penalty on the team is appropriate. However, Tom Brady should not be singled out.
  • Pick choice 3 The sanctions were too severe, especially given how other players, such as Ray Rice, were penalized for bigger crimes.
  • Pick choice 4 Innocent until proven guilty. The NFL report was not conclusive.
  • Pick choice 5 I do not care about this. The country should turn its attention to more important issues.
  • Pick choice 6 None of the Above

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