News and Events of 1960

World Events

World Statistics

Population: 3.039 billion
population by decade

Nobel Peace Prize:
Albert John Luthuli (South Africa)

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U.S. Events

U.S. Statistics

President: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Vice President: Richard M. Nixon
Population: 180,671,158
Life expectancy: 69.7 years
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 18.9
Property Crime Rate (per 1,000): 17.3
Homicide Rate (per 100,000): 4.7

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US GDP (1998 dollars):   $526.6 billion
Federal spending:   $92.19 billion
Federal debt:   $290.5 billion
Consumer Price Index:   29.6
Unemployment:   5.5%
Cost of a first-class stamp:   $0.04


World Series
Pittsburgh d. NY Yankees (4-3)
NBA Championship
Boston d. St. Louis Hawks (4-3)
Stanley Cup
Montreal d. Toronto (4-0)
Women: Maria Bueno d. S. Reynolds (8-6 6-0)
Men: Neale Fraser d. R. Laver (6-4 3-6 9-7 7-5)
Kentucky Derby Champion
Venetian Way
NCAA Basketball Championship
Ohio St. d. California (75-55)
NCAA Football Champions
Minnesota (AP, UPI, NFF) (8-2-0) & Mississippi (FW) (10-0-1)
1960 Summer Olympics
1960 Winter Olympics


Entertainment Awards

Pulitzer Prizes
Fiction: Advise and Consent, Allen Drury
Music: Second String Quartet, Elliott Carter
Drama: Fiorello! George Abbott, Jerome Weidman, Jerry Bock, and Sheldon Harnick

Oscars awarded in 1960
Academy Award, Best Picture: Ben-Hur, Sam Zimbalist, producer (MGM)

Nobel Prize for Literature: St. John Perse (Alexis St.-Léger Léger) (France)

1960 Emmy Awards

1960 Tony Awards

Grammys awarded in 1960
Record of the Year: "Mack the Knife," Bobby Darin
Album of the Year: Come Dance With Me, Frank Sinatra (Capitol)
Song of the Year: "The Battle of New Orleans," Jimmy Driftwood, songwriter

Miss America: Lynda Lee Mead (MS)

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  • Seventy million people watch the presidential debate between Sen. John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon.
  • John Coltrane forms his own quartet and becomes the voice of jazz's New Wave movement.
  • Ninety percent of U.S. homes have a television set.
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho terrifies movie-goers and becomes one of the year's most successful films, as well as one of the most memorable psychological thrillers.


  • Psycho, The Apartment, The Sundowners, Sons and Lovers



Nobel Prizes in Science

Chemistry: Willard F. Libby (US), for “atomic time clock” to measure age of objects by measuring their radioactivity

Physics: Donald A. Glaser (US), for invention of ""bubble chamber"" to study subatomic particles

Physiology or Medicine: Sir Macfarlane Burnet (Australia) and Peter Brian Medawar (UK), for discovery of acquired immunological tolerance


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