News and Events of 1901

World Events

U.S. Events

U.S. Statistics

President: William McKinley
Vice President: Theodore Roosevelt
Population: 77,584,000

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Federal spending:   $0.53 billion
Unemployment:   4.0%
Cost of a first-class stamp:   $0.02


Stanley Cup
Winnipeg Victorias
Women: Charlotte Sterry d. B. Hillyard (6-2 6-2)
Men: Arthur Gore d. R. Doherty (4-6 7-5 6-4 6-4)
Kentucky Derby Champion
His Eminence
NCAA Football Champions
Harvard (CFRA) (12-0-0) & Michigan (NCF, HF) (11-0-0)


Entertainment Awards

Nobel Prize for Literature: René F. A. Sully Prudhomme (France)

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  • Constantin Stanislavsky, founder of the Moscow Art Theatre, formulates the revolutionary Stanislavsky Method of acting, which requires actors to see and hear on stage as they do in real life, enabling them to react to theatrical situations in the same way they naturally would.


Nobel Prizes in Science

Chemistry: Jacobus H. van't Hoff (Netherlands), for laws of chemical dynamics and osmotic pressure in solutions

Physics: Wilhelm K. Roentgen (Germany), for discovery of Roentgen rays

Physiology or Medicine: Emil A. von Behring (Germany), for work on serum therapy against diphtheria

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