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  • This week's theme: Thanksgiving

    1. * ___ Thanksgiving Day!!!
    6. "Friend" in France
    9. Word meaning, for short
    12. Solid Shelter of Snow
    13. Sign on a door of a store
    14. Mature
    15. How a fox exists
    16. * Item seen on a dining room table at Thanksgiving
    19. Part of MTM
    21. * A man may choose to wear one to a formal Thanksgiving Dinner
    22. School of thought
    23. Prefix that means "Mountain"
    25. Latin for "in the age of"
    27. * They are made by Family and Friends at Thanksgiving
    29. * In 1941, Congress passed a joint resolution decreeing that the legal holiday of Thanksgiving be celebrated on the ___ Thursday of November
    32. Hawaiian guitar, for short
    34. The thing named
    35. After school student
    36. * They are nutritious parts of Thanksgiving Dinners
    38. He (Initials) co-starred with Suzanne Pleshette on his popular self-named sitcom
    40. Hawke the Actor
    41. Barely get by
    42. Frances Fuller Flick: "Elmer and ___" (1934)
    44. The highest point: ___ plus ultra
    45. Many people are allergic to it
    47. Davis or Midler
    48. The 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    49. Suffix to "Personal"
    50. Published
    51. * Every year, one Thanksgiving Bird will receive a Presidential ___, and then be sent off to Kidwell Farm, a petting zoo at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, Virginia
    54. Scale Syllable
    56. Cook on a hot surface
    57. Toothpaste tube letters
    58. * It chills a Thanksgiving Beverage
    60. Distant
    63. * The Pilgrims (who were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving) crossed the Atlantic Ocean from England to New England on the what, in 1620?
    66. Continued to provide
    69. Leguminous plant
    70. Permits
    71. Hue
    72. Taste
    73. Chuck's org.
    74. State of Some Salads


    1. In memoriam: ___ jacet
    2. In the past
    3. * With the Wampanoag people, the Pilgrim colonists first celebrated Thanksgiving here, in 1621
    4. Sport played by Prince Charles
    5. Fun toy
    6. Spring mo.
    7. * Heard at a Thanksgiving Dinner: "I'll just have white ___, please."
    8. * Friend or Relative in attendance of a Thanksgiving Dinner
    9. Apply lightly
    10. Self-centered person
    11. * Word with Thanksgiving
    13. S-shaped curved
    17. A petty officer in the U.S. Navy
    18. Company symbols, for short
    20. Cheerleader's Cheer
    23. Frequently
    24. Line of travel
    26. * Thanksgiving Treats
    28. Movie House passages
    30. * At Thanksgiving, thanks is given to God, health and all the food that has been ___
    31. Sinewy start to "tomy"
    33. Sharply Sensitive
    36. Money, slangily
    37. Bird Beaks
    38. An unruly dog may be a what?
    39. * Thanksgiving is a time to help those who may be ___
    43. * One of the Trimmings at Thanksgiving
    46. * President Washington proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day of November 26th, 1789. It grew in popularity when this President revived the celebration of the thankful day, in 1863. (See #29A for a Related Clue!)
    48. * Before digging into a Thanksgiving Meal, some will say a what?
    50. Sick
    51. Dawber the Actress
    52. Conform
    53. * It's used to make the dressing of a Thanksgiving Salad
    55. Paddles
    59. Decorative pitcher
    61. Makes a choice
    62. Hodgepodge
    64. Wray of the Silver Screen
    65. * Abbreviation on airport Flight Schedules (Something of great interest during the hectic time of Thanksgiving!)
    67. Baby chicken in a shell
    68. "L.A. Law" (TV) name


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