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  • This week's theme: Olympic Sports
    The 2006 Winter Olympics


    1. * They determine what OLYMPIC medals some Athletes will win
    7. * Chariot Races were featured events at them: ___ OLYMPICS
    14. * Name seen on gear for Water Events at the OLYMPICS
    15. * Materials used for Shuttlecocks for Badminton at the SYDNEY GAMES
    17. Symbol on a Staff
    18. Turner of Tunes
    19. Golf term
    20. Entertainment co.
    22. To the what degree?
    24. * Part of a command made at the start of some Races at the OLYMPICS
    25. Mr. Donaldson
    26. Singing voice
    28. Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1954
    30. Food for Fido
    32. King of Israel
    33. Highest peak of the Philippines
    34. Title for a man
    36. Conjunction
    37. Mr. Waxman
    38. * Artistic Event in Gymnastics at the OLYMPICS
    40. * Competition at SYDNEY 2000: Men's 10m Air ___ Final
    42. One: Italian
    43. TV alien
    44. School of Thought
    46. Lubricant
    47. * Like the playing surface for Beach Volleyball at SYDNEY 2000
    49. Decree handed down by an Islamic religious leader
    51. Light switch position
    52. * Heard at the start of a Fencing match at the OLYMPICS: "___ garde!"
    53. Curriculum Vitae, briefly
    55. Submachine gun
    56. Mr. Redding
    58. Ms. Ferber
    60. Particular Pole
    62. Area of a Church
    63. Lively dance
    64. He (Initials) sang ""Maggie May"
    65. It'll make "lltime" Insignificant
    67. Flight Schedule acronym
    68. Gun the engine
    69. * Gymnastics Apparatus at the GAMES in SYDNEY: Balance ___
    71. Filled in the boxes, of a questionnaire
    73. * At the SYDNEY OLYMPICS in this Equestrian competition, Top Hats and Tails are compulsory for all Riders
    75. * Races in the Pool, at the OLYMPICS
    78. * Certain OLYMPIAN
    79. * Type of event a #78A can compete in at SYDNEY 2000


    1. He (Initials) sang the theme song to "Welcome Back, Kotter" (TV)
    2. * Direction a High Jumper must jump at SYDNEY 2000
    3. * Athletics competition at SYDNEY 2000
    4. Hair styling product
    5. Adam's hangout
    6. * OLYMPIC event
    7. Situated at the Stern of a Ship
    8. * Sound made by a horse during an Equestrian competition at the OLYMPICS
    9. * Paddlers race them at the OLYMPICS
    10. * Heard at the OLYMPICS: "You're gonna win! Now, get out there and give ___ good show!"
    11. "Don't ya think?"
    12. * This country's Delegation to the OLYMPICS usually includes Boxers and Marathon Runners
    13. * At SYDNEY 2000, this type of Athlete is being introduced to the OLYMPICS for the first time
    16. Father for Jr.
    20. British rule over India
    21. * Type of Lift performed by Weightlifters at the OLYMPICS
    23. * An OLYMPIC Gymnast may do this to dismount a #69A, even though a more spectacular dismount was what she intended
    25. Traditional garment
    27. "Or" in Orléans
    29. Also
    31. Mr. Hershiser
    35. Rombauer of Recipes
    38. Madame Dunaway
    39. Certain posh hotels
    41. * Device in a Shell (Boat) used by an OLYMPIC Rower to control a Rudder
    42. One who gets taken advantage of
    45. * They do the Butterfly at the OLYMPICS
    48. Pull along
    50. It'll make "hentic" Bona Fide
    54. * Some OLYMPIANS get on a what, with Winning?
    56. It'll turn "sis" into a British pop Band
    57. Body of Water
    59. Certain Cream
    61. River in Missouri
    66. * Winter OLYMPICS! Type of jump in Figure Skating
    68. Street, smallily
    69. Kids group in the U.S.
    70. Madonna song, with Girl
    72. Guido's note
    74. Mr. Weintraub
    76. Rocky's word
    77. Size indicator on a clothes label, for short


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