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  • This week's theme: National Monuments
    Read about the National Park System


    1. * State where the National Monument at #60A is located
    6. ".eebsirF yalP" .A "?eebsirF yalp ro llab ___ ot referp uoy dluoW" .Q
    11. www.infoplease.___
    14. * National Monument in Arizona where archaeological remains have been preserved
    16. Sort of musical composition, minus the "de"
    17. Scorch
    18. * With #49A
    19. Self-governing (abbr. & bkwds.)
    20. * The Statue of Liberty majestically stands by it, for short
    22. * National Monument where giant reptiles once roamed
    24. Member of the family, for short
    27. Café Lait connecter
    28. Garde's partner
    29. TV drama
    30. * Canyon de ___: National Monument where the Spider Woman lurks (According to Navajo legend, she keeps the bones of her victims at the top of the Spider Rock --an 800-foot tall rocky spire)
    32. * Salinas ___ Missions: National Monument where communities once thrived over three centuries ago
    36. * State (for short) where #51A is located
    37. * El ___: National Monument which is often called Inscription Rock
    40. Football cheer
    41. * The final resting spots of many Miocene-era mammals can be found at this National Monument
    46. Business name abbr.
    47. * State where the National Monument of Alibates Flint Quarries is located (bkwds.)
    48. "Thanks" in Britain
    49. * National Monument in Arizona: ___ #18A Volcano
    51. * National Monument at the birth site and childhood home of the famous African-American educator and leader for whom it honors: ____ T. Washington National Monument
    55. In the direction of ...flipped around?
    56. Memo word
    58. World org.
    59. * National Monument (in Florida) that served as an outpost of the Spanish Empire to defend the settlement of Saint Augustine: Castillo de ___ Marcos
    60. * It is here near the Snake River where a 4,280-acre National Monument (that is of great interest to paleontologists) is located
    64. The 19th letter of the Greek alphabet
    66. "Hail!"
    67. * Q. "Is it Pulaski ___ Frederica that is the National Monument in Georgia?" A. "Both of them are National Monuments in Georgia."
    69. Certain European ...but backwards?
    73. Road covering
    74. * National Monument in Montana: Little Bighorn ___ (Site of the June 25-26, 1876 clash between the 7th United States Cavalry and the Sioux and Cheyenne warriors who would defeat the forces of Colonel George Custer)
    76. Prefix that means "Eye", without the "Oc"
    77. Sort of chocolate
    78. * Devils ___: Located in Wyoming, this National Monument was featured in the science-fiction movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977)


    1. The 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet ...but it's backwards?
    2. Stuff for Shaping, minus the "Play-"
    3. "Take on Me" group
    4. Orchestra instrument
    5. "Alright!"
    6. (VT) "gerG & _-_-_-A-H-D"
    7. "Joe Dirt" (2001) name
    8. Form of protest
    9. Sign of things to come
    10. Root vegetable
    11. * National Monument which looks like a giant amphitheater made from rock
    12. retcennoc srehtO oD
    13. * National Monument in California, with Woods
    15. * esuoH htiw ,odaroloC ni tnemunoM lanoitaN
    21. Set down ...but backwards?
    23. Determine
    24. * State where the Congaree Swamp National Monument is located, for short
    25. "!ydwoH"
    26. * An underground stream flows through this National Monument (bkwds.)
    31. Back muscle, for short
    32. Secret, minus the "vate"
    33. olletsoC .rM
    34. Fella
    35. "I sees!"
    37. Mystify, minus the "Flum"
    38. Suffix that means "Full of"
    39. Break open, without the "Bu"
    41. Three-toed sloths
    42. Kind of antelope
    43. Compass point
    44. Cosby Character, with Albert
    45. The Guess Who spin-off gr.
    50. Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.
    51. * National Monument in Wyoming, with Fossil
    52. * Trip Talk: "My family is going ___ trip to see the National Monuments of Arizona ...and yours isn't --ha, ha!"
    53. Per item (abbr.)
    54. Hosp. employee
    56. Q. "Where's that ___ put on the roof of our car before departing on this camping trip?" A. "It must have fallen off a few miles back."
    57. * Material of Many Monuments (bkwds.)
    60. * State where the National Monument known as Natural Bridges is located (bkwds.)
    61. * sdeB htiw ,ainrofilaC ni tnemunoM lanoitaN
    62. Lowe and Reiner
    63. Not c-c-c-cold ...but backwards?
    65. Freshwater mussel
    68. Rolls up, without the "Fu"
    70. * Where the Aztec Ruins National Monument is located, with Mexico
    71. Island: French
    72. Presidential monogram
    75. Unit of length (abbr.)


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