Thomson's Edward and Eleanora.

     Farewell, old Scotia's bleak domains,
     Far dearer than the torrid plains,
     Where rich ananas blow!
     Farewell, a mother's blessing dear!
     A borther's sigh! a sister's tear!
     My Jean's heart-rending throe!
     Farewell, my Bess! tho' thou'rt bereft
     Of my paternal care.
     A faithful brother I have left,
     My part in him thou'lt share!
     Adieu, too, to you too,
     My Smith, my bosom frien';
     When kindly you mind me,
     O then befriend my Jean!

     What bursting anguish tears my heart;
     From thee, my Jeany, must I part!
     Thou, weeping, answ'rest—"No!"
     Alas! misfortune stares my face,
     And points to ruin and disgrace,
     I for thy sake must go!
     Thee, Hamilton, and Aiken dear,
     A grateful, warm adieu:
     I, with a much-indebted tear,
     Shall still remember you!
     All hail then, the gale then,
     Wafts me from thee, dear shore!
     It rustles, and whistles
     I'll never see thee more!