O Let Me In Thes Ae Night

     O Lassie, are ye sleepin yet,
     Or are ye waukin, I wad wit?
     For Love has bound me hand an' fit,
     And I would fain be in, jo.

     Chorus—O let me in this ae night,
     This ae, ae, ae night;
     O let me in this ae night,
     I'll no come back again, jo!

     O hear'st thou not the wind an' weet?
     Nae star blinks thro' the driving sleet;
     Tak pity on my weary feet,
     And shield me frae the rain, jo.
     O let me in, &c.

     The bitter blast that round me blaws,
     Unheeded howls, unheeded fa's;
     The cauldness o' thy heart's the cause
     Of a' my care and pine, jo.
     O let me in, &c.