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Russian Culture

Timeline: Russian Culture

Part II: Peter's Revolution and Aftermath

by David Johnson

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Peter I (the Great) edits Russia's first newspaper; first textbooks printed


In response to St. Petersburg's classicism, traditionalists build Church of the Transfiguration, on Kizhi Island in Lake Onega, with 22 domes, the most complex wooden structure ever built in Russia


Peter I begins construction of vast Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, to rival Versailles


Academy of Sciences established, St. Petersburg


Czarina Anna invites French dance teacher Jean Baptiste Lande to create Russian Imperial Academy to teach ballet to children of palace serfs; Lande also establishes ballet school in St. Petersburg


Michael Lomonosov, Russia's greatest Enlightenment scientist, educator, writes Russian grammar, helping create vernacular, secular Russian language


University of Moscow established

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