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Firsts in America
Notable milestones in U.S. history, from the first bank to the first tabloid newspaper [ more ]
U.S. Cities with the Worst Road Rage
Miami drivers rated the rudest for the second year in a row [ more ]
Extreme Vacations
Ideas for an adventurous and exciting holiday [ more ]
Pioneer Day
The anniversary of the day Brigham Young reached Utah's Salt Lake Valley [ more ]
Apollo 11-One Small Step
July 20 marks the anniversary of man's first walk on the Moon [ more ]
Top Humanitarian Crises
A look at the world's underreported yet devastating crises of 2007 [ more ]
Ten Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold
No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock sold for $140 million in 2006 [ more ]
Beijing Olympics
Find out everything you need to know about the Summer Games in Beijing, China [ more ]
100 Best Novels
A list of 20th-century's best works of fiction [ more ]
Bastille Day
The French celebrate their independence day, Bastille Day, on July 14 [ more ]