This was 137th day of the year and 228 days remained in the year.

May 17 Birthdays

Ayatollah Khomeini
Pronunciation: [kOmA´nE]
1900–1989, Iranian Shiite religious leader.

Seth Warner
hero of the American Revolution (1743)

Edward Jenner
physician (1749)

Erik Satie
composer (1866)

Birgit Nilsson
soprano (1918)

Dennis Hopper
actor, director, producer (1936)

Sugar Ray Leonard
boxer (1956)

May 17 in History


The New York Stock Exchange was established when a group of 24 brokers and merchants met by a tree on what is now Wall Street and signed the Buttonwood Agreement.


The first Kentucky Derby was held at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Kentucky.


NBC aired the Information Please quiz show on the radio for the first time.


The Supreme Court ruled unanimously against segregation in schools in Brown v. Board of Education.


Televised Watergate hearings opened, headed by North Carolina senator Sam Ervin.


An Iraqi warplane attacked the U.S.S. Stark in the Persian Gulf, killing 37 American sailors and wounding 62.


Laurent Kabila declared himself president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


In Massachusetts, same-sex couples exchanged marriage vows for the first time in the United States.

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