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Ukraine near 'point of no return'
Ukraine's president says his country is "close to a point of no return - full scale-war", as the EU discusses more sanctions against Russia.
Iraq in push to free Amerli town
Iraqi forces, Shia militias and Kurdish Peshmerga have begun a new offensive to try to save the town of Amerli from Islamic State militants, reports say.
Iran anger over new US sanctions
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani criticises new US sanctions, saying they will harm negotiations over his country's nuclear programme.
Tear gas used on Pakistan protesters
Police in Islamabad fire tear gas at anti-government protesters marching on the official residence of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Lesotho PM flees 'military coup'
Lesotho's prime minister crosses into South Africa, accusing Lesotho's army of staging a coup and telling the BBC his life is in danger.
China warns of Hong Kong 'meddling'
China warns foreign countries against "meddling" in Hong Kong's politics ahead of a crucial announcement on the territory's election process.
Philippine Syria troops 'attacked'
A group of Philippine peacekeepers trapped by rebels in the Syrian Golan Heights are "under attack", the Philippine defence minister says.
Man charged over Galloway assault
A man is charged with religiously-aggravated assault after MP George Galloway was attacked in a west London street.
Jews 'forced' from Guatemala village
Some 230 members of an Orthodox Jewish group begin leaving a village in western Guatemala after a bitter row with the local indigenous community.
Rescuers free Nicaraguan miners
Most of 24 gold miners trapped underground in northern Nicaragua since Thursday have been rescued, officials say.
PM warns of terror threat to Europe
The terrorist threat posed by Islamist extremists is as much a concern for countries in mainland Europe as it is for the UK, David Cameron says.
'Forgotten' Swiss baby dies in car
A 16-month-old baby in Switzerland dies after one of its parents went to work forgetting that the child had been left in the car.
VIDEO: Long queues to leave Mariupol
The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is in Brussels to discuss the ongoing crisis in his country with EU leaders.
VIDEO: Song of a four-storey 'earth harp'
William Close is the inventor of the 'Earth Harp', a musical instrument which makes use of the architecture around it to create its sound.
VIDEO: Brazil dismantles Amazon 'destroyers'
Police in northern Brazil say they are in the process of dismantling one of the country's biggest environmental criminal gangs.
VIDEO: One-minute World News
Watch the latest news summary from BBC World News. International news updated 24 hours a day.
VIDEO: 100-year-old tortoise is on the move
An extremely rare Galapagos tortoise thought to be 100 years old has been given a new home at a zoo in Ohio.
VIDEO: Pickleball: A sport for all ages
Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines badminton, tennis and table tennis.
VIDEO: Buried gold sparks treasure hunt
Hundreds of people have descended on Folkestone beach in a bid to get their hands on a share of buried gold worth £10,000.
VIDEO: Litter bug mountaineers 'must recycle'
Over the decades tonnes of disposed tents, spent oxygen cylinders and bottles have been left behind on Mount Everest by people trying to scale it. Now authorities are urging them to bring the waste back down with them to recycle it.
VIDEO: Police trial Bond-style tracking darts
A GPS tracking device being deployed by police in Florida enables officers to follow a vehicle without the need for a potentially dangerous high-speed pursuit.
Dahl draft spills Factory secrets
Little-known characters and incidents that could have featured in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are released by the Roald Dahl estate.
Russian rouble falls to new low
The Russian rouble falls to a record low against the dollar as investors fear further sanctions against the nation.
Brazil's economy enters recession
A contraction of 0.6% in Brazil's economy between April and June, and a revision of the first quarter, has pushed the country into recession, latest figures show.
MSN Messenger to end after 15 years
Microsoft's MSN Messenger will be switched off in China in October, bringing a final end to the 15-year-old service.
Google trials drone deliveries
Google reveals it has built and tested its own drones as part of a plan to make automated deliveries to remote homes as well as disaster-hit zones.
Australian actor Bill Kerr dies
Australian actor Bill Kerr, "the boy from Wagga Wagga" who became one of Tony Hancock's radio sidekicks in the 1950s, dies in Perth at 92.
Belafonte to receive honorary Oscar
US actor and singer Harry Belafonte is to be honoured by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.
Iceland's volcano ash alert lifted
An eruption near Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano that briefly threatened air travel has ended, local officials say.
Legal challenge to badger cull fails
A High Court bid to halt this year's badger culling, which will take place without independent monitoring, fails.
Test Ebola drug '100% effective'
The only trial data on the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp shows it is 100% effective in monkey studies, even in later stages of the infection.
Plain packs 'no illegal smoking link'
A study of smokers in Australia suggests there is "no evidence" that the introduction of standardised cigarette packaging has changed the way people buy cigarettes.
India beat England to take 2-0 lead
India beat England by six wickets at Trent Bridge to take a 2-0 lead in the one-day series with two games left.
Everton 3-6 Chelsea
VIDEO: California's new gold rush
In The New Forty-Niners, photographer Sarina Finkelstein documents a new wave of gold seekers in California, more than 160 years after the Gold Rush.
Visiting a Kurdish capital in the US
In Nashville, Kurdish immigrants have built a lively community. Monica Campbell took a tour with a local resident.
Senegal confirms first Ebola case
Senegal's health ministry confirms a first case of Ebola, making it the fifth West African country now affected by the outbreak.
India's growth hits two year high
India's economy grew by 5.7% in the three months to June, its fastest pace in two-and-a-half years, according to an official estimate.
VIDEO: 'Ukraine close to point of no return'
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that "we are very close to the point of no return, which is full scale war" with Russia.
Ecuador to bring in digital currency
Ecuador says it will introduce the world's first digital currency issued by a central bank and it will go into circulation in December.
Egypt Brotherhood death sentence cut
The head of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has one death sentence commuted to life in prison, but still faces another death penalty.
US steps up sanctions over Iran
The US has imposed new sanctions on companies and individuals in connection with Iran's nuclear programme.
Arrest warrant for Ashya parents
A European arrest warrant is issued for the parents of a five-year-old boy with a brain tumour, missing from hospital since Thursday.
Abuse inquiry 'delayed too long'
A government inquiry into child abuse "needs to get moving" in the light of the "devastating" Rotherham scandal, Labour leader Ed Miliband says.
MH17 crash: Briton's body identified
The Foreign Office confirms the body of John Alder, one of 10 Britons killed in the Malaysia Airlines crash, has been identified.
Co-op Group votes through reforms
Members of the troubled Co-operative Group vote overwhelmingly in favour of reforming how the business is run.
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