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World News

Russian missiles 'fell on Iran'

Four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria from the Caspian Sea landed on Iran, unnamed US officials say

VW's US boss offers 'sincere apology'

Volkswagen's US boss makes a "sincere apology" to US lawmakers for installing "defeat devices" to cheat emissions tests on its diesel cars.

Probe captures Pluto's 'blue sky'

The New Horizons mission returns its first colour image of Pluto's atmospheric hazes and shows them to have a blue tinge.

Fifa suspends Blatter, Platini & Valcke

Fifa provisionally suspends president Sepp Blatter, secretary general Jerome Valcke and Uefa chief Michel Platini for 90 days.

France train terror hero stabbed in US

Spencer Stone, hailed as a hero after a French train terror attack, is in hospital after being stabbed in Sacramento, California.

McCarthy out of race to be US Speaker

Republican Kevin McCarthy is dropping out of the race for Speaker of the US House of Representatives, surprising many who favoured him to win.

Murdoch sorry for 'real black' tweet

Rupert Murdoch apologises for tweets suggesting US President Barack Obama is not a "real black president" and supporting Ben Carson.

Hungary 'migrant chic' photos removed

A Hungarian photographer takes down fashion photos inspired by migrants making the arduous journey through Europe after criticism.

EU force to speed up deportations

EU ministers agree to beef up the bloc's border force Frontex in order to speed up deportations of failed asylum seekers.

Modi breaks silence on 'beef' lynching

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says Hindus and Muslims should fight poverty, not each other, in his first comments on the lynching of a Muslim man.

Messi to stand trial for tax fraud

Lionel Messi will stand trial on tax fraud charges, a court in Spain rules, rejecting a request to drop charges against the Barcelona striker.

Jewellery sells for record price in HK

A string of natural grey pearls and a Kashmir sapphire break world records at an auction in Hong Kong.

VIDEO: Child refugees continue to die at sea

The latest to lose their life at sea was a baby boy found washed up on the shores of Kos.

VIDEO: Inside the reclusive North Korea

A BBC team has been granted rare access inside the reclusive state of North Korea.

VIDEO: The battle in Syria's skies

The battle in Syria's skies explained in 60 seconds.

VIDEO: VW boss offers 'sincere apology'

Volkswagen's US boss Michael Horn has said he would like to "offer a sincere apology" over the emissions scandal.

VIDEO: Kashmir lawmakers brawl over beef row

A Muslim lawmaker from Indian-administered Kashmir is beaten up in the state assembly by members of the Hindu nationalist BJP for hosting a "beef party".

VIDEO: Drone flies over sea to deliver package

A Singaporean package delivery firm flies a t-shirt and letter to a small island - but how long will it be before the tech is ready for regular use?

VIDEO: Pakistan earthquake: Ten years on

Shaimaa Khalil reports on a school where students are studying outdoors, 10 years after a major earthquake in Pakistan.

VIDEO: Worker left dangling from Houston bridge

A contractor working for the Texas Department of Transportation is left dangling from a Houston bridge before rescuers manage to pull him to safety.

The changing face of North Korea

What should we make of North Korea? It's the most isolated country on the planet with a leadership which boasts that it has nuclear devices. Steve Evans is there and reports that it is a country which is changing.

Gulf 'steps up' arms to Syria rebels

Saudi Arabia is responding to Russian airstrikes on Syria by stepping up arms supplies to rebels, a Saudi government official tells the BBC.

Islamic State moulds children into new generation of militants

The children of Syria and Iraq are being moulded into a new generation of militants by the jihadist group Islamic State, writes Jessica Stern.

Whose fault is a driverless car crash?

Volvo says it will be 'one of the first' firms to take full responsibility for accidents involving driverless cars.

Ancient horse-like foetus discovered

The 48-million-year-old fossilised remains of a horse foetus have been described by scientists.

India court clears charges against dog

A court dismisses allegations that a former Delhi minister's pet dog, Don the labrador, would bite his wife on command.

Bank votes 8-1 to hold UK rates

The Bank of England votes 8-1 to hold UK interest rates at the record low of 0.5%.

'Bond King' Bill Gross sues Pimco

Former Pimco bond trader Bill Gross is suing his former employer for wrongful dismissal and claiming $200m in damages.

Games voice actors approve strike

The US actors who voice video games have voted to strike over pay and conditions unless agreement with publishers can be reached soon.

UK firms develop drone-freezing ray

Three British companies have created a device to deter drones from entering sensitive areas by freezing them mid-flight.

Alexievich wins Nobel Literature prize

Belarusian Svetlana Alexievich wins the 2015 Nobel Prize for literature.

Craig wants to 'move on' from Bond

James Bond star Daniel Craig has said he would only do another Bond movie "for the money", ahead of the release of Spectre in November.

EU assesses insects-as-food risks

The European Food Safety Authority publishes its initial risk assessment of using insects as a source of protein for human consumption and animal feed.

Ancient recording of core's birth

A reassessment of ancient rocks leads scientists to estimate that Earth's inner core started to form earlier than was previously thought, around 1.3 billion years ago.

First week with no new Ebola cases

The three West African countries at the heart of the Ebola epidemic record their first week with no new cases since the outbreak began in March 2014.

Heart attack test 'cuts hospital stays'

A blood test can more than halve the number of people admitted to hospital with a suspected heart attack, say doctors.

Chelsea and Arsenal fined by FA

Finn impresses ahead of first Test

England's Steven Finn takes four wickets in a warm-up game to press claims for a place in the first Test against Pakistan.

The billion-dollar ex-council flat

The saga of the billion-dollar Scottish flat

Has America already had a female president?

Has America already had a female president?

Hayatou in temporary charge of Fifa

Caf president Issa Hayatou takes temporary charge of Fifa after football's world governing body suspends Sepp Blatter.

Fury over Kenya parliament power cut

MPs in Kenya react furiously after the electricity supply to parliament was cut for three days apparently because of an unpaid $97,00 bill.

Indonesia asks for forest fire help

Indonesia's president has asked for international assistance to put out forest fires that have sent a thick haze over the country and its neighbours.

Cambodia raises garment minimum wage

Cambodia's government raises the minimum wage for garment workers by nearly 10% following tense negotiations with the unions.

Kosovo MPs stage tear gas protest

Opposition MPs let off tear gas in Kosovo's parliament chamber, in a noisy protest over a government deal with Serbia.

German exports fall sharply in August

German exports fell in August by their largest amount since the height of the global financial crisis in 2009, and imports were also down sharply.

Guatemala mudslide victims to get homes

Guatemala announces it will build new houses for families left homeless by a devastating landslide which killed more than 200 people last week.

US indicts Honduras football boss

A Honduran ex-minister and president of Marathon football club, Yankel Rosenthal, is charged in Miami with drug trafficking and money laundering.

Israelis injured in more stabbings

Six Israelis have been wounded and one assailant shot dead in the latest in a spate of stabbing attacks, police say.

'Deadly attack' on Yemen wedding party

At least 13 people have been killed an explosion at a wedding in a rebel-held village in Yemen, medics say.

James Blake arrest ruled 'excessive'

Police who arrested tennis star James Blake after mistaking his identity will face excessive force charges.

Pop star Selena Gomez has lupus

Singer Selena Gomez reveals she is receiving chemotherapy after being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease lupus.

In pictures: A Portrait of British Songwriting

Exhibition focuses on the work of UK songwriters and their working processes

Fight to preserve Hong Kong's colonial post boxes

Fight to preserve colonial history

Myanmar monks flex political muscle

Ma Ba Tha monks flex political muscle in Myanmar

Is this manga cartoon of a six-year-old Syrian girl racist?

Is this manga cartoon of a six-year-old Syrian girl racist?

In pictures: Hope for Tanzania's albino attack survivors

Albino attack survivors learn to live with false limbs

The man who survived a Taliban roadblock

The man who survived a Taliban roadblock

Yahya's luck

How a runaway from West Africa got lucky in Europe

Riba Stirling Prize 2015: Maggie's Lanarkshire

This building uses good design to help people with cancer

Are pop-ups the answer for small firms?

Are pop-ups the best way to establish a business?

Rugby blossoms for 2019 hosts Japan

Rugby can blossom for 2019 World Cup hosts Japan