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May 2013 Current Events: World News

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Here are the key events in world news for the month of May 2013.

  • Israel Takes Responsibility for Airstrikes in Syria (May 5): Israel makes two airstrikes on Damascus. The first happens on Friday, May 3, and the second two days later. Israeli officials maintain that the airstrikes are not meant as a way for Israel to become involved in Syria's ongoing civil war. Instead, the strikes focus on military warehouses in an effort to prevent Hezbollah from getting more weapons. Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shiite militia group with strong ties to Iran.

  • Soldier Killed on London Street (May 22): Two men approach and murder a uniformed soldier on the street in London. The men are armed with knives and a meat cleaver. After they kill the soldier, police shoot and arrest them. The United Kingdom treats the incident as an act of terror.

  • Civil War in Syria Spills over into Lebanon (May 25): Hezbollah and Syrian forces bomb the rebel-controlled town of Al-Qusayr, Homs. Dozens are killed. (May 26): Multiple rockets strike Beirut, mainly hitting Shiite suburbs, which are also strongholds of Hezbollah. (May 27): The ban against arming the Syrian rebels is lifted by the European Union. (May 28): U.S. Senator John McCain travels to Syria and meets with rebels in a show of support. With them, he discusses the possible future involvement of the U.S. in Syria's civil war.

  • Huge Turnout for Anti-Gay Marriage Rally in France (May 26): An estimated 150,000 people protest gay marriage during a rally in Paris, France. At least 100 people are arrested. An additional 50 people are arrested before the rally begins.

  • Anti-Government Protests Spread Throughout Turkey (May 31): A sit-in protesting government plans to raze Istanbul's Gezi Park in Taksim Square to build a shopping mall grow into enormous anti-government demonstrations after police begin spraying protesters with tear gas and water cannons. The demonstrations spread to dozens of cities throughout Turkey.

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2013 Current Events

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