March 2011 Current Events: Business News

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Here are the key events in business news for the month of March 2011.

  • Oil Drilling to Resume in the Gulf (March 1): The Interior Dept approves the first new deepwater drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP explosion and spill last spring. The approval is a milestone after a period of industry uncertainty and a U.S. reassessment of offshore oil and gas regulation.

  • Apple Unveils iPad 2 (March 2): Apple releases the iPad 2, offering several improvements over its predecessor, while not increasing the price. The iPad 2, like the original, starts at $499. Apple's competitors in tablets cannot beat or even match that price. Apple has sold 15 million of the original since the iPad's release last April, generating $9.5 billion in revenue.

  • AT&T Buys T-Mobile (March 20): AT&T has agreed to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion. The deal will make AT&T the largest carrier in the nation and leaves just three major cellular companies in the field: AT&T, Verizon, and the much smaller Sprint Nextel.

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