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James E. Sullivan Memorial Award Winners

(Amateur Athlete of the Year Chosen in Amateur Athletic Union Poll)

1930 Robert Tyre Jones, Jr. Golf
1931 Bernard E. Berlinger Track and field
1932 James A. Bausch Track and field
1933 Glenn Cunningham Track and field
1934 William R. Bonthron Track and field
1935 W. Lawson Little, Jr. Golf
1936 Glenn Morris Track and field
1937 J. Donald Budge Tennis
1938 Donald R. Lash Track and field
1939 Joseph W. Burk Rowing
1940 J. Gregory Rice Track and field
1941 Leslie MacMitchell Track and field
1942 Cornelius Warmerdam Track and field
1943 Gilbert L. Dodds Track and field
1944 Ann Curtis Swimming
1945 Felix (Doc) Blanchard Football
1946 Y. Arnold Tucker Football
1947 John B. Kelly, Jr. Rowing
1948 Robert B. Mathias Track and field
1949 Richard T. Button Figure skating
1950 Fred Wilt Track and field
1951 Robert E. Richards Track and field
1952 Horace Ashenfelter Track and field
1953 Sammy Lee Diving
1954 Malvin Whitfield Track and field
1955 Harrison Dillard Track and field
1956 Patricia McCormick Diving
1957 Bobby Jo Morrow Track and field
1958 Glenn Davis Track and field
1959 Parry O'Brien Track and field
1960 Rafer Johnson Track and field
1961 Wilma Rudolph Ward Track and field
1962 Jim Beatty Track and field
1963 John Pennel Track and field
1964 Don Schollander Swimming
1965 Bill Bradley Basketball
1966 Jim Ryun Track and field
1967 Randy Matson Track and field
1968 Debbie Meyer Swimming
1969 Bill Toomey Decathlon
1970 John Kinsella Swimming
1971 Mark Spitz Swimming
1972 Frank Shorter Marathon
1973 Bill Walton Basketball
1974 Rick Wohlhuter Track and field
1975 Tim Shaw Swimming
1976 Bruce Jenner Track and field
1977 John Naber Swimming
1978 Tracy Caulkins Swimming
1979 Kurt Thomas Gymnastics
1980 Eric Heiden Speed skating
1981 Carl Lewis Track and field
1982 Mary Decker Tabb Track and field
1983 Edwin Moses Track and field
1984 Greg Louganis Diving
1985 Joan Benoit-Samuelson Marathon
1986 Jackie Joyner-Kersee Heptathlon
1987 Jim Abbott Baseball
1988 Florence Griffith-Joyner Track and field
1989 Janet Evans Swimming
1990 John Smith Wrestling
1991 Mike Powell Track and field
1992 Bonnie Blair Speed skating
1993 Charles Ward Football/Basketball
1994 Dan Jansen Speed skating
1995 Bruce Baumgartner Wrestling
1996Michael JohnsonTrack and field
1997Peyton ManningFootball
1998Chamique HoldsclawBasketball
1999Kelly and Coco MillerBasketball
2000Rulon GardnerWrestling
2001Michelle KwanFigure skating
2002Sarah HughesFigure skating
2003Michael PhelpsSwimming
2004Paul HammGymnastics
2005J. J. RedickBasketball

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