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Batting Average

Manny Ramirez, BosR12043684152.3492823103310773850.647.450
Mike Sweeney, KCR12647181160.340265311248661469.563.417
Bernie Williams, NYS154612102204.3333023721910283978.493.415
Ichiro Suzuki, SeaL157647111208.321275278851686231.425.388
Magglio Ordonez, ChiR153590116189.3203524713813553777.597.381
Jason Giambi, NYL155560120176.314335341411221091122.598.435
Adam Kennedy, AnaL14447465148.312213326752198017.449.345
Nomar Garciaparra, BosR156635101197.3103355652412041635.528.352
Miguel Tejada, OakR162662108204.3083363003413138847.508.354
Garret Anderson, AnaL15863893195.3063445632912330806.539.332
Jim Thome, CleL147480101146.304325192521181221391.677.445
Paul Konerko, ChiR15157081173.3042843002710444720.498.359
Shannon Stewart, TorR141577103175.3032553861045546014.442.371
Ellis Burks, CleR13851892156.3012802803291441082.541.362
Randall Simon, DetL13048251145.301221171198213300.459.320
Note: Batters must have 3.1 plate appearances per their team's games played to qualify.

Home Runs

A. Rodriguez, Tex57
Thome, Cle52
Palmeiro, Tex43
Giambi, NY41
Soriano, NY39
Ordonez, Chi38
Chavez, Oak34
Tejada, Oak34
Delgado, Tor33
Ramirez, Bos33


Damon, Bos11
Winn, TB9
Suzuki, Sea8
Young, Tex8
Beltran, KC7
Fifteen tied with 6 each.

On Base Pct.

Ramirez, Bos .450
Thome, Cle .445
Giambi, NY .435
Sweeney, KC .417
B. Williams, NY .415
Delgado, Tor .406
Olerud, Sea .403
A. Rodriguez, Tex .392
Palmeiro, Tex .391

Runs Batted In

A. Rodriguez, Tex142
Ordonez, Chi135
Tejada, Oak131
Anderson, Ana123
Giambi, NY122
Garciaparra, Bos120
Thome, Cle118
Glaus, Ana111
Chavez, Oak109
Delgado, Tor108


Anderson, Ana56
Garciaparra, Bos56
Soriano, NY51
Ordonez, Chi47
Beltran, KC44
Hillenbrand, Bos43
Posada, NY40

Slugging Pct.

Thome, Cle .677
Ramirez, Bos .647
A. Rodriguez, Tex .623
Giambi, NY .598
Ordonez, Chi .597
Palmeiro, Tex .571
Sweeney, KC .563


Soriano, NY209
Suzuki, Sea208
Tejada, Oak204
B. Williams, NY204
Garciaparra, Bos197
Anderson, Ana195
Jeter, NY191
Ordonez, Chi189
A. Rodriguez, Tex187


Soriano, NY128
A. Rodriguez, Tex125
Jeter, NY124
Giambi, NY120
Damon, Bos118
Ordonez, Chi116
Beltran, KC114
Durham, Chi-Oak114


Thome, Cle122
Giambi, NY109
Palmeiro, Tex104
Delgado, Tor102
Olerud, Sea98
Ventura, NY90
Glaus, Ana88
Thomas, Chi88

Stolen Bases

Soriano, NY4113
Beltran, KC357
Jeter, NY323
Damon, Bos316
Cameron, Sea318
Suzuki, Sea3115
Winn, TB278

Total Bases

A. Rodriguez, Tex389
Soriano, NY381
Ordonez, Chi352
Anderson, Ana344
Tejada, Oak336
Garciaparra, Bos335
Giambi, NY335
Thome, Cle325


Cameron, Sea176
Soriano, NY157
Glaus, Ana144
Posada, NY143
Thome, Cle139
Sandberg, TB139
Hinske*, Tor138
Beltran, KC135

American League LeadersPitching

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