Event   Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 5.56aDonovan Bailey, CanadaFeb. 9, 1996Reno, Nev.
  5.56Maurice Greene, USAFeb. 13, 1999Los Angeles
  American5.56Greene (same as World)Feb. 13, 1999Los Angeles
60 meters: World 6.39Maurice Greene, USA Feb. 3, 1998Madrid
   6.39Maurice Greene, USA March 3, 2001Atlanta
 American 6.39Greene (same as World)
200 meters: World 19.92Frankie Fredericks, NamibiaFeb. 18, 1996 Lievin, FRA
 American 20.26John CapelMar. 11, 2000Fayetteville, Ark.
  20.26Shawn CrawfordMar. 11, 2000Fayetteville, Ark.
400 meters: World 44.63Michael Johnson, USA Mar. 4, 1995 Atlanta
 American 44.63Johnson (same as World)
800 meters: World 1:42.67Wilson Kipketer, DenmarkMar. 9, 1997Paris
 American 1:45.00Johnny Gray Mar. 8, 1992 Sindelfingen, GER
1000 meters: World 2:14.96Wilson Kipketer, Denmark Feb. 20, 2000 Birmingham, ENG
 American 2:17.86pDavid KrummenackerJan. 27, 2002Boston
1500 meters: World 3:31.18Hicham El Guerrouj, MoroccoFeb. 2, 1997Stuttgart
 American 3:38.12Jeff Atkinson Mar. 5, 1989 Budapest
Mile: World 3:48.45Hicham El Guerrouj, MoroccoFeb. 12, 1997Ghent, BEL
 American 3:51.8 Steve Scott Feb. 20, 1981 San Diego
3000 meters: World 7:24.90Daniel Komen, KenyaFeb. 6, 1998Budapest
 American 7:39.23pTim BroeJan. 27, 2002Boston
5000 meters: World 12:50.38Haile Gebrselassie, EthiopiaFeb. 14, 1999Birmingham, ENG
 American 13:20.55Doug Padilla Feb. 12, 1982 New York
Note: The Mile run is 1,609.344 meters.


Event   Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 6.25Mark McKoy, Canada Mar. 5, 1986 Kobe, JPN
 American 6.35Greg Foster Jan. 27, 1985 Rosemont, Ill.
  6.35Greg Foster Jan. 31, 1987 Ottawa
60 meters: World 7.30Colin Jackson, Great Britain Mar. 6, 1994 Sindelfingen, GER
 American 7.36Greg Foster Jan. 16, 1987 Los Angeles
Note: The hurdles for both distances are 3 feet, 6 inches high. There are four hurdles in the 50 meters and five in the 60.


Event  Time Date Set Location
5000 meters: World 18:07.08Mikhail Shchennikov, RussiaFeb. 14, 1995Moscow
 American 19:18.40Tim LewisMar. 7, 1987 Indianapolis


Event   Time Date Set Location
4 x 200 meters: World 1:22.11Great Britain Mar. 3, 1991 Glasgow
 American 1:22.71National Team Mar. 3, 1991 Glasgow
4 x 400 meters: World 3:02.83United States Mar. 7, 1999Maebashi, JPN
 American 3:02.83National Team (same as World)Mar. 7, 1999Maebashi, JPN
4 x 800 meters: World 7:13.94United States Feb. 6, 2000Boston
 American 7:13.94Global Athletics (same as World)Feb. 6, 2000Boston

Field Events

Event   Mark  Date Set Location
High Jump: World 7-111/2Javier Sotomayor, Cuba Mar. 4, 1989 Budapest
 American 7-101/2Hollis Conway Mar. 10, 1991 Seville
Pole Vault: World 20-2 Sergey Bubka, Ukraine Feb. 21, 1993 Donyetsk, UKR
 American 19-9pJeff HartwigMar. 10, 2002Sindelfingen, GER
Long Jump: World 28-101/4Carl Lewis, USA Jan. 27, 1984 New York
 American 28-101/4Lewis (same as World)
Triple Jump: World 58-6 Aliecer Urrutia, Cuba Mar. 1, 1997Sindelfingen, GER
 American 58-31/4Mike Conley Feb. 27, 1987 New York
Shot Put: World 74-41/4Randy Barnes, USA Jan. 20, 1989 Los Angeles
 American 74-41/4Barnes (same as World)
Note: The international shot put weight for men is 16 lbs.


   Points Date Set Location
Seven Events: World 6476Dan O'Brien, USA Mar. 13-14, 1993 Toronto
 American 6476O'Brien (same as World)
Note: O'Brien's WR times and distances, in order over two days—60m (6.67); LJ (25-83/4); SP (52-63/4); HJ (6-113/4); 60m H (7.85); PV (17-03/4); 1000m (2:57.96).

World and American Indoor RecordsWomen