FINA Short Course World Championships

at Athens, Greece, March 16-19.

(WR) indicates world record. Note that short course world records are not included in the list on the previous pages; that list is of long course world records.

Final Medal Standings

1United States97925
 Great Britain44513
7South Africa2406
16Eight countries tied with 1 medal each.


Event Time 
50m freeMark Foster, GBR21.58 
100m freeLars Frolander, SWE46.80 
200m freeBela Szabados, HUN1:45.27 
400m freeChad Carvin, USA3:41.13 
1500m freeJorg Hoffmann, GER14:47.57 
50m backNeil Walker, USA23.99*WR
100m backNeil Walker, USA50.75WR
200m backGordan Kozulj, CRO1:53.31 
50m breastMark Warnecke, GER27.22 
100m breastRoman Sloudnov, RUS58.57*WR
200m breastRoman Sloudnov, RUS2:07.59WR
50m flyMark Foster, GBR23.30*WR
100m flyLars Frolander, SWE50.44WR
200m flyJames Hickman, GBR1:53.57 
100m I.M.Neil Walker, USA52.79WR
200m I.M.Jani Sievinen, FIN1:56.27 
400m I.M.Jani Sievinen, FIN4:09.54 
4x100m freeSweden3:09.57WR
4x200m freeUSA7:01.33WR
4x100m medleyUSA3:30.03 
*Walker swam a 23.42 in a preliminary heat to set the world record in the 50m backstroke. Sloudnov swam a 58.51 in a premininary heat to set the world record in the 100m breaststroke. In the 50m butterfly, Frolander set the world record in a preliminary heat with a 23.19.


Event Time 
50m freeTherese Alshammar, SWE23.59WR
100m freeTherese Alshammar, SWE52.17WR
200m freeYang Yu, CHN1:56.06 
400m freeLindsay Benko, USA4:02.44 
800m freeChen Hua, CHN8:17.03 
50m backAntje Buschschulte, GER27.90 
100m backSandra Volker, GER58.66 
200m backAntje Buschschulte, GER2:07.29 
50m breastSarah Poewe, RSA30.66 
100m breastSarah Poewe, RSA1:06.21 
200m breastRebecca Brown, AUS2:23.41 
50m flyJenny Thompson, USA26.13 
100m flyJenny Thompson, USA57.67*WR
200m flyMette Jacobsen, DEN2:08.10 
100m I.M.Martina Moravcova, SVK59.71 
200m I.M.Yana Klochkova, UKR2:08.97 
400m I.M.Yana Klochkova, UKR4:32.45 
4x100m freeSweden3:35.54 
4x200m freeGreat Britain7:49:11WR
4x100m medleySweden3:59.53 
*Thompson swam a 56.56 in a preliminary heat to set the world record in the 100m butterfly.

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