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Baltimore Orioles

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Cal Ripken Jr..3403325111318570
B.J. Surhoff.308673104207281075
Will Clark.303251407610292
Albert Belle.2976101081813711717
Jeff Conine.2914445412913750
Brady Anderson.282564109159248136
Rich Amaral.27713721380119
Mike Bordick.27763193175107714
Jerry Hairston Jr.*.26917526474179
Delino DeShields.264330468763411
Charles Johnson.2514265810716540
Jeff Reboulet.1621542525041
Traded: P Guzman and cash to Cin. for P B.J. Ryan and P Jacobo Sequea (Jul. 31).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Mike Mussina3.5018-731203.152172
Mike Timlin3.573-96263.02350
Juan Guzman4.185-921122.26595
Doug Johns4.476-43286.22550
Sidney Ponson4.7112-1232210.080112
Scott Erickson4.8115-1234230.199106
Scott Kamieniecki4.952-44356.12939
Arthur Rhodes5.433-44353.04559
Jason Johnson5.468-722115.15571
Doug Linton5.951-41459.02532
Ricky Bones5.980-33043.21926
Saves: Timlin (27); Rhodes (3); Kamieniecki (2); Jesse Orosco (1). Complete games: Erickson and Ponson (6); Mussina (4); Guzman (1). Shutouts: Erickson (3); Guzman (1).

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