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Director:Louis Morneau
Writer:John Logan
Destination Films; PG-13; 91 minutes
Cast:Lou Diamond Phillips, Dina Meyer, Carlos Jacott

Bats' bats aren't your standard bug-snacking bats, in fact they're genetically enhanced, far nastier than rats, and they attack humans in packed, blurry clouds of black. That is, when they're not causing fiery car crashes, explosions, and other fare better suited to chase movies.

Lou Diamond Phillips acts as the sheriff of a small Texan town beset by these unpleasant creatures as a result of the resident megalomaniacal scientist-freak. If he, the cute zoologist, and a handful of others don't destroy the early generations, the bats will kill everyone in the entire world, navigating their way with sonar clicks, sleeping upside-down on tree limbs, and generally doing all the things one would expect from lethal flying mammals. If Bats took on some campy humor or Birds-style creepiness it might have had a shot. As it is, the shooting's in the dark.

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