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American Pie

Director:Paul Weitz
Writer:Adam Herz
Universal Pictures; 100 minutes; R
Cast:Seann Scott, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein

Aficionados consider film the finest of the arts, combining the visual impact of painting with dance's movement, a writerly attention to the spoken word, and carefully integrated sound. Chris and Paul Weitz, makers of post-Porky's smutfest American Pie, beg a different interpretation. For them, film is a sexual attractant, a lurid concoction of raunch and innuendo and guffaws of shame-faced guilt that entices pimply boys and their adult counterparts to the theater.

Somewhere in Michigan a small gang of young male stereotypes decide to vanquish their self-imposed inadequacies by losing their virginity before high school graduation. The titular dessert isn't just one gratuitous body pun among many; it is also the “partner” of one of the boys whose auto-erotic adventures are invariably truncated by his father's abrupt entrances. Bathroom humor fitted with hasty editing and a half-finished plot.

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