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Director/Writer:Matthew Bright
Director of Photography:John Thomas
Music:Danny Elfman
Production Designer:Pam Warner
Producers: Chris Hanley and Brad Wyman
Roxie; R; 95 minutes
Cast:Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland and Brooke Shields

A film about a family that is by no means family fare. About to be placed in foster care again because her prostitute mother and drug-taking, molesting stepfather are arrested, 15-year-old Vanessa (Witherspoon) chains her parole officer to a chair and makes off for her grandmother's house in the family's car. When the car breaks down, she takes a ride from Bob Wolverton (Sutherland), a school psychologist/serial killer. He pulls out a knife and Vanessa responds with a pistol. He survives but is left grotesquely disfigured. Wolverton and his wife (Shields) begin a crusade to have juveniles tried as adults for violent crimes. Vanessa escapes the criminal justice system and takes to the road again, and Bob is waiting for her.

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