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Per Capita Health Expenditures by Country, 2007

The sum of public and private expenditure (in purchasing power parity terms in US dollars), divided by the population. Health expenditure includes the provision of health services (preventive and curative), family planning activities, nutrition activities, and emergency aid designated for health, but excludes the provision of water and sanitation.

Highest expenditure per capitaLowest expenditure per capita
per capita
(in US $)
per capita
(in US $)
per capita
(in US $)
per capita
(in US $)
Iceland3,294Norway4,080Sierra Leone34Burkina Faso77
Australia3,123 Canada3,173Guinea-Bissau28Niger26
Ireland2,618 Sweden2,828 Mali54 Mozambique42
Switzerland4,011Japan2,293 Central African Republic54 Chad42
Netherlands3,092 France3,040 Ethiopia21 Congo, Dem. Rep. of the15
Finland2,203 United States6,096 Burundi16 Côte d'Ivoire64
Spain2,099 Denmark2,780 Zambia63Malawi58
Austria3,418 United Kingdom2,560 Benin40Angola38
Belgium3,133 Luxembourg5,178 Rwanda126Guinea96
New Zealand2,081 Italy2,414Tanzania29Nigeria53
Hong Kongn.a. Germany3,171 Eritrea27Senegal72
Israel1,972 Greece2,179 Gambia88Uganda135
Singapore1,118 Korea (Republic of)1,135 Yemen82 Togo63
Slovenia1,815 Cyprus1,128 Zimbabwe139 Timor-Leste143
Portugal1,897 Brunei Darussalam1,897 Djibouti87Kenya86
Source: Human Development Report, 2007, United Nations. Web: hdr.undp.org.

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