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U.S. Military Personnel on Active Duty in Selected Regions/Countries1

United States
 and Territories
 Continental U.S.894,921
 Puerto Rico211
Europe100,7253, 4
 Bosnia and Herzegovina261
 Serbia (includes
 United Kingdom*10,536
East Asia and Pacific77,1543
 China (includes
 Hong Kong)
 Korea, Rep. of29,982
North Africa, Near East,
 and South Asia
 Diego Garcia773
 Saudi Arabia269
 United Arab Emirates72
Sub-Saharan Africa1,5763
Western Hemisphere2,0663
 The Bahamas39
 Cuba (Guantanamo)950
Total foreign countries498,781
 NATO Countries96,197
Total worldwide1,605,4143
NOTES: *NATO countries.
1. As of Dec. 31, 2005, unless otherwise noted.
2. Only countries with 35 or more U.S. military personnel are listed.
3. Includes all regions/countries, not simply those listed.
4. Incorporates countries belonging to the former Soviet Union.
Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Manpower Data Center.

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