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Major Holidays

Here is information about holidays throughout the year, such as New Years, St. Patrick's Day, April Fools, Christmas, Ramadan, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, Groundhog Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Women's History Month, and more.

Christmas Carols

Holidays: Religious and Secular, 2016

Holidays: Religious and Secular, 2015

Holidays: Religious and Secular, 2014

Holidays: Religious and Secular, 2013

Holidays: Religious and Secular, 2012

Christian and Secular Holidays, 2000–2015

Orthodox Holidays, 2010–2019

Jewish Holidays, 2010–2020

Islamic Holidays, A.H. 1431–1437 (2010–2016)

Hindu Festival Dates 2005-2015

Sikh Festival Dates, 2012-2015

Jain Festival Dates, 2015-2017

Chinese New Year

National Holidays Around the World

Guide to the Dates of Passover and Easter

Saying “Merry Christmas” or “Season's Greetings”Around the World

Saying “Happy New Year!” Around the World

Leap Year

Calendar & Holidays

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