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U.S. Energy Sources

Top Energy Producers and Consumers, 2013

Top Energy Producers and Consumers, 2012

What the Frack

U.S. Energy Consumption by Energy Source, 2002–2012

Renewable Energy Consumption in the U.S. by Source, 1989–2010

World Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 1990–2025

World Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Energy Consumption, 2004

World Net Electricity Consumption by Selected Regions, 1990–2025

World Primary Energy Production by Source, 1970–2007

World Primary Energy Production Region, 1995–2004

World Primary Energy Consumption by Region, 1995–2004

Greatest Oil Reserves by Country, 2006

Greatest Oil Reserves by Country, 2007

Top World Oil Producers, Exporters, Consumers, and Importers, 2006

Sources of U.S. Oil Imports

Greatest Natural Gas Reserves by Country, 2006

Oil in the Caspian Region

Historical and Projected Capacities for Nuclear Electricity Generation, 1996–2020

Largest Nuclear Power Plants in the U.S.

Retail Motor Gasoline Prices in Selected Countries, 2006

Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Travel in the U.S., 1960–2005

Electric Cars Powered By Gasoline?

Estimated Number of Alternative-Fueled Vehicles in the U.S., 1992–2005

Most and Least Fuel Efficient Vehicles, 2008

Most and Least Fuel Efficient Vehicles, 2005

Energy Websites

Forced Conservation

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