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State Symbols

Alabama“Alabama” (1931)yellowhammer (1927)Southern longleaf pine (1949, 1997)camellia (1959)
Salt water fish: fighting tarpon (1955); Fresh water fish: largemouth bass (1975); Horse: racking horse (1975); Mineral: hematite (1967); Rock: marble (1969); Game bird: wild turkey (1980); Dance: square dance (1981); Nut: pecan (1982); Fossil: species Basilosaurus Cetoides (1984); Official mascot and butterfly: eastern tiger swallowtail (1989); Insect: monarch butterfly (1989); Reptile: Alabama red-bellied turtle (1990); Gemstone: star blue quartz (1990); Shell: scaphella junonia johnstoneae (1990)

Alaska“Alaska's Flag” (1955)willow ptarmigan (1955)sitka spruce (1962)forget-me-not (1949)
Fish: king salmon (1962); Gem: jade (1968); Marine mammal: bowhead whale (1983); Fossil: woolly mammoth (1986); Mineral: gold (1968); Sport: dog mushing (1972)

Arizona“Arizona” (1919)cactus wren (1931)palo verde (1954)flower of saguaro cactus (1931)
Colors: blue and old gold (1915); Neckwear: bola tie (1971); Fossil: petrified wood (1988); Gemstone: turquoise (1974); Mammal: ringtail (1986); Reptile: Arizona ridgenose rattlesnake (1986); Fish: Arizona trout (1986); Amphibian: Arizona tree frog (1986); Butterfly: two-tailed swallowtail (2001)

Arkansas“Arkansas” (1963)mockingbird (1929)pine (1939)apple blossom (1901)
Insect: honeybee (1973)

California“I Love You, California” (1951)California valley quail (1931)California redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens & Sequoiadendron giganteum) (1937, 1953)golden poppy (1903)
Animal: California grizzly bear (1953); Fish: California golden trout (1947); Colors: blue and gold (1951)

Colorado“Where the Columbines Grow” (1915)lark bunting (1931)Colorado blue spruce (1939)Rocky Mountain columbine (1899)
Animal: Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (1961); Gemstone: aquamarine (1971); Colors: blue and white (1911); Fossil: stegosaurus (1991)

Connecticut“Yankee Doodle” (1978)American robin (1943)white oak (1947)mountain laurel (1907)
Animal: sperm whale (1975); Hero: Nathan Hale (1985); Heroine: Prudence Crandall (1995); Insect: praying mantis (1977); Mineral: garnet (1977); Ship: USS Nautilus (1983); Shellfish: eastern oyster (1989); Fossil: Eubrontes Giganteus (1991); Composer: Charles Edward Ives (1991)

Delaware“Our Delaware”blue hen chicken (1939)American holly (1939)peach blossom (1895)
Colors: colonial blue and buff; Insect: ladybug (1974); Butterfly: tiger swallowtail (1999); Fish: weakfish, cynoscion regalis (1981); Beverage: milk; Fossil: belemnite

Florida“Suwannee River” (1935)mockingbird (1927) orange blossom (1909)
Butterfly: Zebra longwing butterfly (1996); Saltwater Fish: sailfish; Freshwater Fish: largemouth bass

Georgia“Georgia on My Mind” (1922)brown thrasher (1935)live oak (1937)Cherokee rose (1916)
Fruit: peach (1995); Saltwater Mammal: right whale (1985); Crop: peanut (1995)

Hawaii“Hawaii Ponoi” (1967)nene (Hawaiian goose) (1957)kukui (candlenut) (1959)hibiscus (yellow) (1988)

Idaho“Here We Have Idaho”mountain bluebird (1931)white pine (1935)syringa (1931)
Horse: Appaloosa (1975); Gem: star garnet (1967); Folk dance: square dance; Fish: cutthroat trout (1990); Fossil: Hagerman horse fossil (1988)

Illinois“Illinois” (1925)cardinal (1929)white oak (1973)violet (1908)
Animal: white-tailed deer (1982); Fish: bluegill (1987); Insect: monarch butterfly (1975); Mineral: fluorite (1965)

Indiana“On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away” (1913)cardinal (1933)tulip tree (1931)peony (1957)
River: Wabash; Stone: limestone

Iowa“Song of Iowa”eastern goldfinch (1933) wild rose (1897)
Colors: red, white, and blue (in state flag)

Kansas“Home on the Range” (1947)western meadowlark (1937)cottonwood (1937)sunflower (1903)
Animal: buffalo (1955)

Kentucky“My Old Kentucky Home”Kentucky cardinaltulip poplar (1994)goldenrod

Louisiana eastern brown pelican (1958)bald cypress (1963)magnolia (1900)
Songs: “Give Me Louisiana” and “You Are My Sunshine”

Maine“State of Maine Song” (1937)chickadee (1927)white pine tree (1945)white pine cone and tassel (1895)
Fish: landlocked salmon (1969); Mineral: tourmaline (1971); Animal: moose (1979); Cat: Maine coon cat (1985); Fossil: pertica quadrifaria (1985); Insect: honeybee (1975)

Maryland“Maryland! My Maryland!” (1939)Baltimore oriole (1947) white oak (1941)black-eyed susan (1918)
Boat: skipjack (1985); Crustacean: Maryland blue crab (1989); Dinosaur: Astrodon johnstoni (1998); Dog: Chesapeake Bay retriever (1964); Beverage: milk (1998); Fish: rockfish (1965); Folk dance: square dance (1994); Fossil shell: ecphora gardnerae gardnerae (Wilson) (1994); Insect: Baltimore checkerspot butterfly (1973); Reptile: Diamondback terrapin (1994); Sport: jousting (1962); Team sport: lacrosse (2004)

Massachusetts“All Hail to Massachusetts” (1966)chickadee (1941)American elm (1941)mayflower (1918)
Beverage: cranberry juice (1970); Insect: ladybug (1974); Cookie: chocolate chip (1997); Muffin: corn muffin (1986); Dessert: Boston cream pie (1996)

Michigan robin (1931)white pine (1955)apple blossom (1897)
Mammal: white-tailed deer (1997); Fishes: trout (1965), brook trout (1988); Gem: isle royal greenstone (chlorastrolite) (1972); Stone: petoskey stone (1965); Soil: kalkaska soil series (1990); Reptile: painted turtle (1995); Flag: “Blue charged with the arms of the state” (1911); Wildflower: Dwarf Lake iris (1998)

Minnesota“Hail Minnesota” (1945)common loon (also called great northern diver) (1961)red (or Norway) pine (1953)lady slipper (1902)
Fish: walleye (1965); Mushroom: morel (1984)

Mississippi“Go, Mississippi” (1962)mockingbird (1944)magnolia (1938)flower or bloom of the magnolia or evergreen magnolia (1952)
Wildflower: coreopsis (1991); Stone: petrified wood (1976); Fish: largemouth or black bass (1974); Insect: honeybee (1980); Shell: oyster shell (1974); Water mammal: bottlenosed dolphin or porpoise (1974); Fossil: prehistoric whale (1981); Land mammal: white-tailed deer (1974), red fox (1997); Waterfowl: wood duck (1974); Beverage: milk (1984); Butterfly: spicebush swallowtail (1991); Dance: square dance (1995)

Missouri“Missouri Waltz” (1949)bluebird (1927)flowering dogwood (1955)hawthorn (1923)
Aquatic animal: paddlefish (1997); Fish: channel catfish (1997); Fossil: crinoid (1989); Musical instrument: fiddle (1987); Rock: mozarkite (1967); Mineral: galena (1967); Insect: honeybee (1985); Tree nut: eastern black walnut (1990); Animal: mule (1995); Dance: square dance (1995); Missouri day: third Wednesday in October (1969)

Montana“Montana” (1945)Western meadowlark (1981)ponderosa pine (1949)bitterroot (1895)
Stones: sapphire and agate (1969)

Nebraska“Beautiful Nebraska” (1967)Western meadowlark (1929)cottonwood (1972)goldenrod (1895)
Fish: channel catfish (1997); American folk dance: square dance (1997); Ballad: “A Place Like Nebraska” (1997); Insect: honeybee (1975); Gemstone: blue agate (1967); Rock: prairie agate (1967); Fossil: mammoth (1967); Soil: typic argiustolls, holdreges series (1979); Mammal: whitetail deer (1981); Grass: little bluestem (1969); Beverage: milk (1998)

Nevada“Home Means Nevada” (1933)mountain bluebird (1967) sagebrush (1959)
Trees: single-leaf pinon (1953) and bristlecone pine (1987); Animal: desert bighorn sheep (1973); Colors: silver and blue (1983); Rock: sandstone (1987); Precious gemstone: virgin valley black fire opal (1987); Semiprecious gemstone: Nevada turquoise (1987); Grass: Indian ricegrass (1977); Metal: silver (1977); Fossil: ichthyosaur (1977); Fish: lahontan cutthroat trout (1981); Reptile: desert tortoise (1989); State artifact: tule duck decoy (1995)

New Hampshire purple finch (1957)white birch (1947)purple lilac (1919)
Animal: white-tailed deer (1983); Insect: ladybug (1977); Saltwater fish: striped bass (1994); Freshwater fish: brook trout (1995); Amphibian: spotted newt (1985); Butterfly: karner blue (1992); Songs: “Old New Hampshire” (1949) and “New Hampshire, My New Hampshire” (1963)

New Jersey eastern goldfinch (1935)red oak (1950)purple violet (1913)
Insect: honeybee (1974); Animal: horse (1977); Colors: buff and blue (1965); Folk dance: square dance; Dinosaur: hadrosaurus foulkii; Fish: brook trout; Shell: knobbed whelk; Fruit: blueberry (2004)

New Mexico“O Fair New Mexico” (1917)roadrunner (1949)pinon (1949)yucca (1927)
Animal: black bear (1963); Fish: cutthroat trout (1955); Vegetables: chili and frijol (1965); Gem: turquoise (1967); Spanish-language song: “Asi Es Nuevo Méjico” (1971); Poem: “A Nuevo México” (1991); Grass: blue gramma (1973); Fossil: coelophysis (1981); Cookie: bizcochito (1989); Insect: tarantula hawk wasp (1989); Ballad: “Land of Enchantment” (1989); Bilingual song: “New Mexico—Mi Lindo Nuevo Mexico”, (1995); Question: “Red or Green?” (1999)

New York“I Love New York” (1980)bluebird (1970)sugar maple (1956)rose (1955)
Animal: beaver (1975); Fish: brook trout (1975); Gem: garnet (1969); Insect: ladybug (1989)

North Carolina“The Old North State” (1927)cardinal (1943)pine (1963)dogwood (1941)
Mammal: gray squirrel (1969); Insect: honeybee (1973); Reptile: eastern box turtle (1979); Gemstone: emerald (1973); Shell: scotch bonnet (1965); Historic boat: shad boat (1987); Beverage: milk (1987); Rock: granite (1979); Dog: plott hound (1989); Colors: red and blue (1945); Fruit: scuppernong grape (2001)

North Dakota“North Dakota Hymn” (1947)western meadowlark (1947)American elm (1947)wild prairie rose (1907)
Fish: northern pike (1969); Grass: western wheatgrass (1977); Fossil: teredo petrified wood (1967); Beverage: milk (1983); State march: Spirit of the Land (1975); Equine: Nokota horse (1993); Dance: square dance (1995)

Ohio“Beautiful Ohio” (1969)cardinal (1933)buckeye (1953)scarlet carnation (1904)
Insect: ladybug (1975); Gemstone: flint (1965); Beverage: tomato juice (1965); Fossil: trilobite (1985); Animal: white-tailed deer (1988); Wildflower: large white trillium (1987)

Oklahoma“Oklahoma” (1953)scissor-tailed flycatcher (1951)redbud (1937)mistletoe (1893)
Animal: bison (1972); Reptile: mountain boomer lizard (1969); Stone: rose rock (barite rose) (1968); Colors: green and white (1915); Beverage: milk; Butterfly: black swallowtail; Fish: white or sand bass; Folk dance: square dance; Furbearer: raccoon; Game animal: white-tailed deer; Grass: Indiangrass; Insect: honeybee; Musical instrument: fiddle; Poem: “Howdy Folks,” David Randolph Milsten; Waltz: “Oklahoma Wind”; Wildflower: Indian blanket

Oregon“Oregon, My Oregon” (1927)western meadowlark (1927)douglas fir (1939)Oregon grape (1899)
Animal: beaver (1969); Fish: chinook salmon (1961); Rock: thunderegg (1965); Colors: navy blue and gold (1959); Insect: swallowtail butterfly (1979); Dance: square dance (1977); Nut: hazelnut (1989); Gemstone: sunstone (1987); Seashell: Oregon hairy triton (1991); Beverage: milk (1997); Mushroom: Pacific golden chanterelle (1999)

Pennsylvania“Pennsylvania” (1990)ruffed grouse (1931)hemlock (1931)mountain laurel (1933)
Dog: Great Dane (1965); Colors: blue and gold (1907)

Rhode Island“Rhode Island, It's for Me” (1996)Rhode Island red hen (official) (1954)red maple (official) (1964)violet (unofficial) (1968)
Shell: quahog (official); Mineral: bowenite (1966); Stone: cumberlandite (1966); Colors: blue, white, and gold (in state flag)

South Carolina“Carolina” (1911)Carolina wren (1948)palmetto tree (1939)Carolina yellow jessamine (1924)

South Dakota“Hail! South Dakota” (1943)ring-necked pheasant (1943)black hills spruce (1947)American pasqueflower (1903)
Grass: Western wheat grass (1970); Soil: houdek (1990); Insect: honeybee (1978); Animal: coyote (1949); Mineral stone: rose quartz (1966); Gemstone: fairburn agate (1966); Colors: blue and gold (in state flag); Fish: walleye (1982); Musical instrument: fiddle (1989); Dessert: kuchen (2000)

Tennessee mockingbird (1933)tulip poplar (1947)iris (1933)
Horse: Tennessee walking horse; Animal: raccoon (1971); Wild flower: passion flower (1973); Songs: “My Homeland, Tennessee” (1925); “When It's Iris Time in Tennessee” (1935); “My Tennessee” (1955); “Tennessee Waltz” (1965); “Rocky Top” (1982); “Tennessee” (1992); “The Pride of Tennessee” (1996)

Texas“Texas, Our Texas” (1929)mockingbird (1927)pecan (1919)bluebonnet (1901)
Fish: guadalupe bass (1989); Seashell: lightning whelk (1987); Dish: chili (1977); Folk dance: square dance (1991); Fruit: Texas red grapefruit (1993); Gem: Texas blue topaz (1969); Gemstone cut: Lone Star cut (1977); Grass: sideoats grass (1971); Reptile: horned lizard (1993); Stone: petrified palmwood (1969); Plant: prickly pear cactus; Insect: monarch butterfly; Pepper: jalapeño pepper; Mammal: longhorn; Small mammal: armadillo; Flying mammal: Mexican free-tailed bat

Utah“Utah, We Love Thee” (1953)California gull (1955)blue spruce (1933)sego lily (1911)
Emblem: beehive (1959); Gem: topaz; Animal: Rocky Mountain elk (1971); Insect: honeybee (1983); Grass: Indian rice grass (1990); Fossil: allosaurus (1988); Cooking pot: dutch oven (1997); Fish: Bonneville cutthroat trout (1997); Fruit: cherry (1997); Mineral: copper; Rock: coal (1991)

Vermont“These Green Mountains” (2000)hermit thrush (1941)sugar maple (1949)red clover (1894)
Animal: Morgan horse (1961); Insect: honeybee (1978)

Virginia cardinal (1950)dogwood (1956)American dogwood (1918)
Dog: American foxhound (1966); Shell: oyster shell (1974)

Washington“Washington, My Home” (1959)willow goldfinch (1951)western hemlock (1947)coast rhododendron (1892)
Fish: steelhead trout (1969); Gem: petrified wood (1975); Colors: green and gold (1925); Folk song: “Roll On Columbia, Roll On” (1987); Dance: square dance (1979); Grass: bluebunch wheatgrass (1989); Insect: blue darner dragonfly (1997); Fossil: Columbian mammoth (1998); Fruit: apple (1989)

West Virginia cardinal (1949)sugar maple (1949)rhododendron (1903)
Animal: black bear (1973); Colors: blue and gold (official) (1863); Songs: “West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home,” “The West Virginia Hills,” and “This Is My West Virginia” (adopted by Legislature in 1947, 1961, and 1963 as official state songs)

Wisconsin“On Wisconsin”robin (1949)sugar maple (1949)wood violet (1949)
Grain: corn (1990); Animal: badger; Wild life animal: white-tailed deer (1957); Domestic animal: dairy cow (1971); Insect: honeybee (1977); Fish: musky (muskellunge) (1955); Mineral: galena (1971); Rock: red granite (1971); Symbol of peace: mourning dove (1971); Soil: antigo silt loam (1983); Fossil: trilobite (1985); Dog: American Water Spaniel (1986); Beverage: milk (1988); Dance: polka (1994); Waltz: “The Wisconsin Waltz” (2001); Ballad: “Oh Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams” (2001)

Wyoming“Wyoming” (1955)western meadowlark (1927)cottonwood (1947)Indian paintbrush (1917)
Dinosaur: Triceratops (1994); Fish: cutthroat trout (1987); Fossil: Knightia (1987); Gemstone: jade (1967); Insignia: bucking horse (unofficial); Mammal: bison (1985); Reptile: horned toad (1993); Soil: Forkwood series (unofficial)

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