Summary of Hate Crime Statistics, 2004

The following table lists the hate crime statistics for the United States during 2004, including the number of incidents, offenses, victims, and known offenders according to race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and more.

 Number of
Number of
Number of
Number of
known offenders
Race 4,0424,8635,1194,173
 Anti-white 8299981,0271,085
 Anti-black 2,7313,2813,4752,694
 Anti-American Indian/Alaska Native 839710097
 Anti-Asian/Pacific Islander 217252266188
 Anti-multi-racial group 182235251109
Religion 1,3741,4801,586604
 Anti-Jewish 9541,0031,076330
 Anti-Catholic 57576837
 Anti-Protestant 38434828
 Anti-Islamic 156193201124
 Anti-other religious group 12814014768
 Anti-multi-religious group 35373914
 Anti-atheism/agnosticism/etc. 6773
Sexual orientation 1,1971,4061,4821,258
 Anti-male homosexual 738855902832
 Anti-female homosexual164201212163
 Anti-homosexual 245297314224
 Anti-heterosexual 33353622
 Anti-bisexual 17181817
Ethnicity/national origin 9721,2011,2541,047
 Anti-Hispanic 475611646585
 Anti-other ethnicity/national origin 497590608462
Multiple-bias incidents1714149
Total 7,6499,0359,5287,145
1. A multiple-bias incident is a hate crime in which two or more offense types were committed as a result of two or more bias motivations.
Source: Crime in the United States, 2004, FBI, Uniform Crime Reports.

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