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Project Runway: Season One

Notable challenges included designing a dress from items in a supermarket and imagining fashion from the year 2050

by Mark Hughes
Heidi Klum

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Premiered: Dec. 1, 2004
Nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Competition Reality Series

Season 1
Winning Designer: Jay McCarroll
Second Place: Kara Saun
Third Place: Wendy Pepper

$100,000 cash prize
Mentorship from Banana Republic
Display of the winning work in Elle magazine

Fun Fact: Jay McCarroll chose not to accept the cash prize to create a brand of clothing when he discovered that the Weinstein Company (the production company behind Project Runway) would forever take 10% of any profits he made.

Competitions for this season included:

Episode 1: Innovation
Using only materials available from a supermarket, designers had to create a sexy, elegant dress for a night out on the town.

Episode 7: Design a Collection
Designers worked in teams of three to create a fashion collection representing the year 2055.

Episode 8: Postal Uniform Challenge
Contestants were asked to redesign the uniform for United States Postal Service workers.

Finale Judges: Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, , and Parker Posey.

Did you know?
Prior to 1979, only female names were used to name hurricanes. That year, the United States began alternating between male and female names for Atlantic hurricanes.