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Information Please Fact Finder puts a world of information at your fingertips by placing an instant, up-to-date reference center on your desktop —for free.

With Fact Finder you can quickly and easily get essential information from up-to-the-minute almanacs, a dictionary and an encyclopedia.

Our staff of editors and researchers continuously updates and refines this enormous body of information to bring you facts you can trust.

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How Fact Finder Works

Once you have downloaded and installed Fact Finder, this icon will be placed on your desktop in the toolbar at the bottom right corner:

applet iconClicking on the Fact Finder icon brings up a searchbox; put your query into this searchbox and hit the Search button to search all reference resources on the Infoplease site.

System Requirements
  • PC users:
    Fact Finder is available for PCs with Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT.
  • Macintosh users:
    We have developed a plug-in for the Sherlock search program (part of Mac OS 8.5), which has all the capabilities of our Fact Finder applet for Windows, and more.
Get Fact Finder or the Sherlock Plug-in