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This week's theme: Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Features


1. It's all you need on Valentine's Day!
5. Heard on Valentine's Day: "This ___ got to be the greatest Valentine's Day ever!"
8. Break
12. Romantic Valentine Fabric
13. Compass direction
14. VALENTINE'S HISTORY: It stems from a ___ fertility festival celebrated by ancient Romans on Feb. 15th to honor the Pastoral God of Herbs and Crops (See #69A). The day before the festival (Feb. 14th), they would honor Juno, the Goddess of Women and Marriage. Through time, Valentine's has become a combo of the tales of the Pastoral God, Juno and Valentine (See #24A and #51A).
16. Valentine's Day gifts
19. German for "Here's to You!": "Auf ___ Gesundheit!"
20. It'll make "regular" atypical
21. Before, before
22. Valentine's Vice
24. Valentine, for one
27. Winter sport verb
28. It'll turn "Pica" into a famous painter
29. Frilly 'n' Fancy Fabrics seen on Valentine's Day
31. Valentine confectioneries
34. Gullible assistant: ___ damnée
35. ___ and behold!
37. Within the limits
38. Ship's Steerer
42. Valentine's Day date itinerary
47. Himalayan Humanoid
48. Film rating
49. Word seen on a Valentine's gift tag
50. Comedian Phillips
51. VALENTINE'S HISTORY: In the 2nd Century A.D., Valentine was a Christian ___ who wed young couples against the rules of Roman Emperor Claudius II who forbade soldiers from marrying because he feared it would interfere with their prowess. For disobeying, Valentine was beheaded on February 14th, 270 A.D..
55. Cupid's matchmaking weapon on Valentine's Day
57. Gershwin with pen
60. Romantic play to watch on Valentine's Day: "Romeo ___ Juliet"
61. Cute 'n' Cuddly Buddy Holly song to listen to on Valentine's Day
63. Valentine Gift Giver: ___ Admirer
65. Hawaiian guitar, briefly
66. Male title
68. Someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with
69. VALENTINE'S HISTORY: As per #14A - Name of the ancient Roman festival that derives its name from the Roman Pastoral God of Herbs and Crops
74. Undercover agents
76. Romantic ___ Howard directed film to rent on Valentine's Day: "Far and Away" (1992)
77. Heard on Valentine's Day: "I have been in such ___ since our breakup ...sniff, sniff. Won't you pleeeease take me back, honey?"
78. It's Filled with Fodder on a Farm
79. Outs Opposites
80. Romantic Valentine symbol


1. He was the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz" (1939): Bert ___
2. "Logy" prefix
3. Actor Damone
4. Co-producer of the U2 album "Achtung Baby"
5. Valentine's Day symbols
6. Poker stake
7. Heard at a Valentine's Day party: "When can I ___ you again?"
8. Editor's notation
9. Dewey-eyed
10. Turkish Titles
11. Romantic city to celebrate Valentine's Day
12. ___-fi
15. Roman Ruler
17. Dykstra of baseball
18. Japanese beverage
23. Equip
24. Aroma, of a perfume gift, on Valentine's Day
25. Irish writer George William Russell's pseudonym
26. Ait
27. ___ a Valentine's Day card to that "special someone"
29. Sizzlin' Tom Jones song to listen to on Valentine's Day: "She's a ___"
30. Marie-Claire's friend
32. Cupid's Valentine Flappers
33. Certain Cable Channel
36. Alternative word
39. Heard on Valentine's Day: "___ moment away from you feels like an eternity!"
40. Luxurious vehicle rented for a special Valentine's Day date
41. Cat's Cry
43. Pinch
44. Copied
45. Heard on Valentine's Day: "Okay, my darling, I'll pick you up ___ seven sharp, but please be discreet!"
46. Land opposite Jericho
52. Actress ___ Dawn Chong
53. Worldwide, weenily
54. Jewelry, Candy, Flowers, etc. on Valentine's Day: ___ of Affection
56. Madonna's nickname for her good friend Ms. O'Donnell
57. Belief systems
58. Harvests
59. Part of #60A
62. Raunchy Rocker by The Beatles to listen to on Valentine's Day: "I Saw ___ Standing There"
64. Screening Room item
65. Fairytale Intro: "Once ___ a time..."
66. Seen on a Valentine card: "Be ___"
67. Beam of light
70. Spoon bender Geller
71. Convertible or Sedan
72. In the past
73. Angeles completer
75. Heard on Valentine's Day: "___, now that you know how I feel about you; how do you feel about me?"


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