Taittiriyaka-Upanishad: First Valli, First Anuvaka

First Valli

The Chapter on Siksha (Pronunciation)

First Anuvaka

1. HARIH, OM! May Mitra be propitious to us, and Varuna, Aryaman also, Indra, Brihaspati, and the wide-striding Vishnu.

Adoration to Brahman! Adoration to thee, O Vayu (air)! Thou indeed art the visible Brahman. I shall proclaim thee alone as the visible Brahman. I shall proclaim the right. I shall proclaim the true (scil. Brahman).

(1-5) May it protect me! May it protect the teacher! yes, may it protect me, and may it protect the teacher! Om! Peace! peace! peace!