The Top Ten: World's Largest Subway Systems

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
The Top Ten

World's Largest Subway Systems
(by usage)

RankCityDate system completedNumber of riders (year)Length (km)
1.Moscow19353.2 bil (1997)340
2.Tokyo19272.6 bil (1997/98)281+
3.Seoul19741.4 bil (1993)278+
4.Mexico City19691.4 bil (1996)202
5.New York City19041.3 bil (2001)371
6.Paris19001.4 bil (1993)211
7.Osaka1933957 mil (1997)114
8.London1863866 mil (1999)415
9.Hong Kong1979790 mil (1999)82
10.St. Petersburg1955721 mil (1996)110
Source: Jane's Urban Transport Systems, 2002–2003 edition, and individual subway websites.

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